Graduate School of International Management

Academic Principles & Scheme

The aim of the Graduate School of International Management (Aoyama Business School, ABS) is to imbue its students with an entrepreneurial spirit, high ethical standards, and an international perspective, with an eye on each student's contribution toward a more prosperous future for all people. ABS also aims to nurture researchers that contribute to International Management research activities.

Academic Excellence

The MBA Program of ABS consists of a Full-Time Course and a Flex-Time Course. The Full-Time course targets only those who have either completed a Bachelor's Degree or are candidates for a Bachelor's Degree, and classes are mainly given during the daytime from Monday to Saturday. The Flex-Time Course targets those who have obtained three years or more of related work experience by enrollment, and classes are mainly given during weekday evenings and on Saturdays.

In the Department, students first take fundamental courses in various areas of business administration, such as management, marketing, finance, accounting, and operations. They then take advanced courses in these areas. By following this systematic and step-by-step program, students are able to study business administration from a wide perspective while also acquiring highly specialized professional skills in order to gain a background in management.

The Department's faculty comprises academics who have made great research achievements, as well as practitioners who have a wealth of business experience. Based upon collaboration among faculty, we provide an education that incorporates the latest theoretical achievements in the business field as well as management issues faced by global companies.

The Department aims to be a comprehensive business school that meets global standards, and the curriculum is developed in accordance with first-class overseas business schools. Second-year students take project courses where they conduct their own research, and we provide international classes jointly with Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. Furthermore, we provide students with opportunities for exchanging opinions and communicating with students from overseas business schools, such as Moscow State University of Russia, Fudan University of China, and Korea University through exchange visits.


Department of International Management

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
FUJII, Kenji [Master of Economics] History of Economic Theory
FUKUI, Yoshitaka [Ph.D. in Industrial Administration] Economic Analysis of Accounting Information and Institution
HOBO, Masayo [Doctor of Arts and Sciences ] International Business Management and Innovation Management
HOSODA, Takamichi [Ph.D. in Business & Management] Operations Management
ICHINO, Hatsuyoshi [Master of Business] Tax Accounting
IDA, Masayuki [Doctor of Engineering] Information Systems
IWAI, Chiaki [Ph.D. in Business Administration)] Management Game / Internet Marketing
KITAGAWA, Tetsuo [Doctor (Economics)] Capital Market Networks
KUROIWA, Kenichirou [Doctor of Business Administration] Marketing (particularly service marketing)
MAYHEW, Glenn E. [Ph.D. in Marketing] Pricing / Consumer Behavior / Choice Models / Customer Lifetime Value Models
MIYAZOE, Kenshi [Doctor (Economics)] Marketing / Retail Management
NAKANO, Tsutomu [Ph.D. in Sociology] Corporate Strategy / Organization Theory / International Management / Economic Sociology / Network Analysis
NAKASATO, Munenori [Master of Engineering] Finance
NISHITANI, Kousuke [Dr. theol.] Christian Social Ethics / Comparative Religion
SAKAKIBARA, Masayuki [Ph.D. in Accountancy] Finance and Accounting
SAWADA, Naohiro [Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce and Management] Strategy, Organization Theory
SUDA, Toshiko [Ph.D.] Human Resources Management
TAKAHASHI, Fumio [M.B.A.] Corporate Finance / Investments
TAKEDA, Sumihiro [Ph.D. in Industrial Administration (Finance)] Financial Economics / Econometrics

Associate Professor
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
KITANO, Taiju [Doctor (Economics)] Industrial Organization Theory, International Trade
MORITA, Mitsuru [Doctor (Economics)] Econometrics

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
KAWAGUCHI, Nakaba [Master of Political Science] Political Science, Information in Education