Graduate School of Education, Psychology and Human Studies

Academic Principles & Scheme

The Graduate School of Education, Psychology, and Human Studies nurtures individuals who can contribute to their respective areas by utilizing academic wisdom that is based upon research results in education and psychology, regarding issues related to human beings and society. Students conduct research on learning attitudes and the psyches of persons who seek their own well-being from the perspectives of education and psychology, which enables students to acquire highly advanced research abilities and professional skills.

Department of Education

Academic Excellence

We provide a wide-ranging curriculum comprising of clinical child psychology, lifelong learning, clinical pedagogy for children with disabilities, cognitive psychology, media theory, clinical pedagogy, comparative education, education history, educational thought, educational philosophy, educational sociology, and other fields. By looking at the entire lifespan from infancy to youth and through adulthood until old age, students can conduct theoretical, practical, and interdisciplinary research.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
FURUSHO, Junichi [Doctor of Medicine] Pediatrics, Child Psychoneurotic Science, Child Health Science
HAYASAKA, Masashi [Master of Education] Special Pedagogy, Physically-Disabled Education, Multiple-Handicapped Education
HIDA, Daijiro [Master or Education] School Pedagogy, Holistic Education, Education System
KAWAMOTO, Yoko [Master of Arts] Physical Pedagogy
KITAMOTO, Masaaki [Master of Education] Educational Ideologies, History of Human Development Sociology
KOBAYASHI, Toshiko [Master (Education)] Early Childhood care and Education
ODA, Mitsuhiro [Master of Education] Library and Information Studies, Information Management, Information Media
OMORI, Hideko [Ph.D. (Education)] History of Christian Education, History of American Education
SUGIMOTO, Taku [Master of Pedagogy] Information education
SUGITANI, Yumiko [M.A. in Literature] Higher Education Studies, Sociology of Education
SUZUKI, Makoto [Ph.D.] Social Education (Adult Education)
YANAGIDA. Masaaki [Doctor (Philosophy)] Lifelong Learning, Adult Education

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
FUJITA, Mikio [Ph.D.] Education Practice Theory, Educational Human Science
IWASHITA, Akira [Doctor of Pedagogy] History of education in the U.K., history of educational thought
NOZUE, Toshihiko [Master (Education)] Library and Information Studies, Information Education Theory, Information Media
OTSUKA, Rui [Ph.D. (Education)] Clinical Pedagogy Phenomenological Research on Education
YOSHINAKA, Atsushi [M.F.A.] Musical Pedagogy, Musical Expression

Department of Psychology

Academic Excellence

The Department is divided into the Course in Cognitive, Developmental and Social Psychology and the Course in Clinical Psychology. The faculty members and curricula are prepared to respond to the various research topics of graduate students. By utilizing research methods such as experimental methods, measurement methods, and statistical methods, students learn the basics of disciplines such as the psychology of learning, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Furthermore, students are able to conduct further study in practical areas such as clinical psychology, educational psychology, the psychology of children with disabilities, and industrial psychology. Four members of the faculty responsible for the lectures and research instruction offer certification as clinical psychologists.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ENDO, Kenji [Master of Arts] Social Psychology, Psychometrics and Statistics Theory
HIRAYAMA, Eiji [Ph.D. (Educational Psychology)] Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Humanistic Approach
IRIFUJI, Motoyoshi [MA (Literature)] Analytic Philosophy
KITAMURA, Fumiaki [Ph.D. (Literature)] Clinical Psychology, Environmental Psychology
MARUYAMA, Chiaki [Master of Education] Clinical Psychology, Psychology for Children with Disabilities
OMATA, Kazuyoshi [Master of Arts] Clinical Psychology, Psychological Assessment Science
SHIGENO, Sumi [Doctor of Literature] Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics
YAKUSHIJIN, Reiko [Doctor (Psychology)] Cognitive Psychology, Human Informatics
YAMANE, Ritsuko [Doctor of Education] Developmental Psychology, Developmental Clinical Psychology

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
SAKAGAMI, Hiroko [Doctor (Education)] Lifespan Development, Clinical Developmental Psychology
SHIGEMASU, Eri [Ph.D. (Social Psychology)] Social Psychology, Interpersonal Communication

Assistant Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
IKEGAMI, Shinpei [Master of Psychology] Cognitive Psychology, Experiment Psychology, Psychology of Music
TOMITA, Yuuki [Master of Psychology] Clinical Psychology