Graduate School of Literature

Academic Principles & Scheme

"With the rapid development of technology, informatics, and globalization of the world's cultures and economies, the challenges to the individual continue to grow. In such times, the School of Literature prepares students for a changing workplace through developing their abilities in research and analysis in addition to offering insight into life and the spiritual heritage of Aoyama Gakuin University."

Campus of Attendance

Department of English and American Literature

Academic Excellence

We provide a rich and detailed curriculum in the areas of English and American literature, English language, English language education, and communication. Since we provide both daytime and evening courses, graduate students may take lectures that best match their schedules. Furthermore, students may transfer up to ten credits from other graduate schools that are members of the “Daigakuin Eibungaku Senko Kyogikai" (Graduate School Council of Departments of English and American Literature) in order to fulfill their completion requirements.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ALLEN-TAMAI, Mitsue [Ed.D.] English Language Teaching
ASO, Erika [M.A.] English Novels
DABBS, T. W. [Ph.D.] Shakespeare
DATE, Naoyuki [Ph.D.] English and Irish Poetry, Modernism
DIAS, J. V. [M.A.] English Education
FUKUDA, Takako [M. A.] American Novels
KIMURA, Matsuo [M.Ed.] English Language Education
KNIGHTON, M. A. [Ph.D. of English] Literature, Literary Criticism and Theory
KUNO, Youichi [Master of Arts] English Literature of the 18th Century and Culture Research
McCREADY, E. S. Jr. [Ph.D.] Semantics, Pragmatics
MATSUI, Yuko [M.A., M.Sc.] British Novels
MIZUNO, Akira [B.A.] Interpretation, Translation
NAKAZAWA, Kazuo [M.Ed.] Linguistics
NISHIMOTO, Azusa [M.A.] American Literature
NOBE, Shuichi [Ph.D.] Psycholinguistics, Nonverbal Communication
ONODERA, Noriko [Ph.D.] Linguistics, Pragmatics
ROBINSON, P. J. [Ph.D.] Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition
STRONG, G. B. [M. A.] English Education
TAKEUCHI, Shinichi [M.Ed.] Cultural History of the English Language
TONOOKA, Naomi [Ph.D.] American Drama and Theatre
WAKABAYASHI, Makiko [Ph.D.] American Novels
YOSHIBA, Hiroshi [Ph.D.] Phonology

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
FURUI, Yoshiaki [Doctor of Literature (Ph.D.)] 19th century American literature
INO, Kinuyo [M.A.] Interpreting Studies
OKAWA, Michiyo [M.A.] Speech Communication
SAITO, Kohei [Doctor of Literature] American Literature and Culture Research (Particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries)
SASAKAWA, Wataru [Doctor of Literature] English poetry
SHIN, Kunio [Ph.D. (English)] English literature
TAKAHASHI, Shouichi [Ph.D. of Linguistics] Theoretical Linguistics (with a Strong Focus on Syntax), Semantics
TANAKA, Yusuke [Ph.D.] English Literary Criticism
YOKOTANI, Teruo [M.A.] Phonetics

Department of French Literature, Language

Academic Excellence

A number of full-time instructors cover various areas of French literature, and we also provide a system for conducting academic research on the French language. In addition, there are courses taught by professors who are native speakers of the French language. The Department is an open academic forum for active intellectual communication between professors and students.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
AKIYAMA, Nobuko [D.L. (Doctor of Literature)] French Literature in the 17th century
ARAKI, Zenta [Doctor (Literature)] French Literature in the 19th century
DHORNE, F. [Doctor of Linguistics, doctorat d'Etat (linguistics)] French Linguistics
HAMANO, Koichiro[Doctor (French and French Literature)] French Literature and Ideologies in the 20th century
IDA, Hisashi [D.L. (Doctor of Literature)] French Literature and Thoughts in the 18th century
NISHIMURA, Tetsuichi [Doctor (Philosophy)] French Literature and Thoughts in the 17th century
OGATA, Kozue [Doctor (Linguistics)] French Linguistics, Linguistics
TORII, Masafumi [Masters (French, Literature)] French Linguistics
TSUYUZAKI, Toshikazu [D.L (Doctor, Literature)] French Literature and Poetry in the 19th century

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ABE, Takashi [Doctor (Philosophy)] Contemporary French Thinking, Regional Cultural Studies
KUBOTA, Takeshi [Doctor of Literature] French Literature and Ideologies in the 16th century
WADA, Eri [D.L (Doctor of Literature)] French Literature in the 20th century

Department of Japanese Literature, Language

Academic Excellence

We cover a wide research area, including Japanese literature, Japanese language, Chinese literature, and Japanese language education. Detailed instruction is given based on the most up-to-date research in each field of study. Furthermore, in order to respond to demands for interdisciplinary or unconventional research, we have prepared a flexible educational/research program in which specialized faculty members can provide assistance that suits the research of each graduate student.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
HIJIKATA, Yoichi [Ph.D] Heian Literature
HIOKI, Shunji [M.A] Modern Japanese Literature
HIROKI, Kazuhito [M.A] Medival Japanese Literature
KATAYAMA, Hiroyuki [M.A] Modern Japanese Literature
KOMATSU, Yasuhiko [Ph.D] Early Japanese Literature
KONDO, Yasuhiro [Ph.D] Japanese Linguistics
SAEKI, Shinichi [Ph.D] Medival Japanese Literature
SATO, Izumi [Ph.D] Modern Japanese Literature
SHINOHARA, Susumu [M.A] Early Modern Japanese Literature
TAKADA, Hirohiko [Ph.D] Heian Literature
YAJIMA, Izumi [Ph.D] Early Japanese Literature
YAMASHITA, Kiyo [M.A] Japanese Language Pedagogy

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
OYA, Taeko [Ph.D] Early Modern Japanese Literature
SAWADA, Jun [Ph.D.] Japanese Linguistics

Assistant Professor
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ENDO, Seiki [Doctor of Literature] Chinese Classical Literature (with a Strong Focus on Tang Poetry), Chinese Literature of Japan

Department of History

Academic Excellence

The curriculum is unique in that it encompasses a wide range of areas of history. Many students who complete the first part of the doctoral course (master's course) become high school teachers, civil servants, and curators, or join publishing companies. Furthermore, more students are completing the second part of the doctoral course and earning doctorates after performing excellent research. We provide an open educational/research system for graduate students, who can participate in the “Aoyama Shigakukai" (Aoyama Academic Society for Historians) and submit research papers to the Shiyu and Aoyama Shigaku research journals.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
AOKI, Atsushi [Ph.D.] Eastern History (Ancient, Middle Ages)
FUJIWARA, Yoshiaki [Ph.D.] Japanese History (Middle Ages)
HIRATA, Masahiro [M.A.] Western History (Modern)
IIJIMA, Wataru [Ph.D.] East Asian History and Global History
IWATA, Miyuki [Ph.D.] Japanese History (Early Modern)
KITAMURA, Masaki [Ph.D.] Japanese History (Ancient)
KOBAYASHI, Kazuyuki [Ph.D.] Japanese History (Modern)
SAKAMOTO, Hiroshi [M.A.] Western History (Ancient)
SHIMIZU, Nobuyuki [M.A.] Japanese Archeology
YASUMURA, Naoki [M.A.] Western History (Modern, Contemporary)

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
KANTOU, Asuka [Ph.D. (Physics)] The science of cultural properties (emphasis on archaeomagnetism)
KIKUCHI, Shigeto
Promotion (Medieval History), [Master of Literature]
History, Auxiliary Sciences of History
KOMIYA, Hitoshi [Doctor of Laws] Japanese Political History (particularly contemporary history)
NINOMIYA, Ayako [Ph.D.] Islamic history in Southern Asia
WARITA, Satoshi [Ph.D.] Western History (Modern, Contemporary)

Department of Comparative Arts

Academic Excellence

The Department of Comparative Arts offers an integrated postgraduate research programme surveying critical and creative work in fine art, music, performing and visual arts in both the East and West. Its cross-disciplinary approach covers many areas such as comparative research, classic academics, and arts appreciation.
An inquiry of wide-ranging areas in the arts will enable graduate students to conduct research on the works through the unique lens of other perspectives. In addition, the most fundamental aspects of human culture are explored through the comparison of different forms of creative and imaginative expressions of art.
We will encourage you to work independently as scholars in your specific field of investigation.


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ASAI, Kazuharu [M.A.] Japanese and Asian Art
MIZUNO, Chiyori [Doctor of Human and Environmental Studies] Western Art History
NASU, Teruhiko [M.Phil.] Musicology
SAKUMA, Yasuo [M.A.] Western Drama
SATO, Katsura [Ph.D.] Japanese Early-Modern Drama, History of Japanese Performing Arts
TAKAHASHI, Tatsushi [M.A.] History of Western Art

Associate Professors
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
HIROSE, Daisuke [Ph.D.] Musicology
IDEMITSU, Sachiko [Ph.D.] Japanese Art
MIURA, Tetsuya [Ph.D.] Film Studies