Research Center/Institutes

Both the Aoyama and Sagamihara campuses offer excellent facilities for studies and research.

Aoyama Gakuin Research Institute

Aoyama Gakuin Research Institute pursues a broad scope of academic study under a flexible framework set up in conjunction with the university's education and research operations, and also promotes joint research arrangements. The Institute represents the focal point of research and education at the university through exchange programs with other universities and research institutions in Japan and around the world, and strives to promote the cause of academic culture.

Institute of Information and Media

Students that are going to be living in the future IT society are required to have basic information skills. The Institute of Information and Media focuses on enhancing information literacy in order to cultivate human resources that can succeed in various realms of society. We are striving to always provide education methods that are adapted to the times, such as by producing our original IT training sessions for learning basic skills and introducing a time-proven network engineer training program from the U.S.

Foreign Language Laboratory

This is an audio-visual education facility that was established with the aim to improve language education at the University. Audio and visual materials belonging to the AV library can be used for classes and research. Furthermore, both the Aoyama and Sagamihara campuses started providing CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Rooms, which have been used for foreign language courses as well as lectures on multimedia related courses.