Integrated education based on the Christian faith

Aoyama Gakuin boasts a proud history of over 135 years, its origins dating back to three schools founded by missionaries of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. Since its foundation, maintaining its education firmly on the Christian faith, and it has developed into a comprehensive educational institution comprising schools from kindergarten through graduate school.

Aoyama Gakuin University mission

The university was founded in 1949 grounded on the original Aoyama Gakuin, offering an education in line with "the founding spirit" based on the Christian faith. From the point of fairness and equity, we aim to nurture individuals with a strong sense of social responsibility and morality based on "liberal arts education" in order to contribute to ever-changing society. We are also strongly committed to "language education" and "international exchange" to promote international understanding.

International exchange

Since the foundation of the university, American universities have been main partners for student exchange. In today’s globalizing world, partnerships are diversified and welcome international students from around the world. Our overseas liaison offices in Thailand and Taiwan have a central role of promoting us in Asia. Enriching short-term study abroad programs enable more students to enhance understanding of different cultures and broaden horizons which foster their growth.

Majima Memorial Hall

Wesley Chapel