Student Life

This page provides useful information including details of programs and procedures that will help you to get the most out of your time at Aoyama Gakuin University.

Extracurricular Education Program

We respond to various curiosities by offering unique and diversified education programs that differ from regular classes.

  • Advanced emergency response
  • Healthy home cooking using seasonal vegetables (Summer/Autumn)
  • Sign language workshop (3-day intensive)

Extracurricular Education Program

Award System

We award students who achieve excellent academic performance and students that are successful in their field of study. Awards and extra prizes will be given as "scholarships" and "academic encouragement prizes" to students that proactively show outstanding academic performance (both awards given to students in 2nd year or higher). We also have a system for giving "student awards" to students for achievements outside of academics and student union activities.

Award System

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

Contact the university immediately if you get injured in a sudden accident, etc. Our University is a member of the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research, and is prepared for cases where students get injured from coincidental accidents. Student Affairs Department (Aoyama Campus) and Student Life Group (Sagamihara Campus) will respond to such emergencies.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Tokyo area varies greatly depending on where a student chooses to live and his or her lifestyle. The following information provides estimates of the average amount of money students are likely to spend each month. While the amount may vary from student to student, the estimates below indicate the minimum amount that students should expect to spend overall.


Items Amount
Rent (private apartment) 60,000
Utilities 10,000
Food 20,000
Communication 8,000
Study Materials 2,000
Transportation 8,000
Leisure / Entertainment 8,000
Others 4,000
Total Monthly Expenditure 120,000
Total Annual Expenditure * 1,260,000