Department of Law


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ABE, Shota [Doctor of Philosophy in Law] Code of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Act, Climinal Policy
ANDO, Taiko [Doctor of Laws] International Penal Law
COOP, Stephanie Louise [Doctor of Laws] International Criminal Law
DAI, Yutaka [Bachelor of Laws] Social Security Act
DOBASHI, Tadashi [Master of Laws] Commercial Code, Securities and Exchange Act, Commodity Exchange Act
FUJIKAWA, Hisaaki [Master of Laws] Labor Law, Business Law, Labor-Management Theory
FUKUDA, S.E. [M.A. in French] Linguistics
FUKAWA, Mayuko [Master of Laws] Administrative Law
HARAGUCHI, Kenji [M.A.] German Literature
IGARASHI, Hiroshi [Master of Laws] International Law, International Penal Law
ISHIZUKA, Tomoko [Ph.D of Linguistics] Linguistics (with a Strong Focus on Syntax)
ITO, Takaya [Master of Laws] Conflicts of Laws and Civil Procedural Laws
KIKUCHI, Junichi [M.A. in Economics] Intellectual Property Law
KIYAMA, Hirotsugu Tax Suits, Tax Law (Income Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, National Tax Procedure Law, etc.)
KYO, Sue [Master of Laws] Civil Code
MATSUDA, Noritada [Doctor of Politics, A.B.D. in Political Science] Political Science
MATSUMOTO, Emi [Docteur en droit (Doctor of Law)] History of Western law, comparative law
MATSUKAWA, Minoru [Juris Doctorem] Intellectual Property Law (Copyright Act), Civil Code (Compensation Act)
MENNIM, P. [Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics] Applied Linguistics
MIKI, Yoshikazu [Doctor of Law] Tax Law
MUROZUMI, Nobuko [M.A.] English Literature
NISHIZAWA, Munehide [Doctor of Laws] Code of Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Execution Act
OH, Yoshiko [Master of Laws] Corporation Law
OISHI, Yasuhiko [Master of Laws] Constitution, Law of Communications
OKADA, Naoki [Master of Laws] Economic Law, International Economic Law
OSAWA, Hikaru [Master of Laws] Administrative Law
OSONO, Yasunori [M.D.] Medical Science, Internal Medicine, Endocrine Metabolism
OYAMA, Kazutoshi [Master of Laws] Civil Code
SAKAI, Yasuyuki [Master of Laws] Penal Code
SATO, Chiaki [Doctor of Laws] Anglo-American Law, Medical Jurisprudence, Trust Law
SEKI, Takeshi [Doctor of Laws] Civil Code, Commercial Code, Civil Proceeding Act, Civil Execution Act
SHIN, Hae Bong [Doctor of Laws] International Law, International Human Rights Law
SHIOTANI, Naoya [Master of Theology] Systematic Theology
SUMIYOSHI, Masami [Doctor of Laws] Philosophy of Law
TAKASA, Tomomi [Doctor of Laws] Constitution
YAMADA, Eiko [Doctor of Politics] History of Japanese Political Thought
YANG, Linkai [Master of Laws] Commercial Code, Corporate Law, Trust Act, Labor Law
YASUMI, Yukari [Doctor of Laws] Civil Proceeding Act
YOSHIDA, Sunao [Master of Laws, M.A. in Economics] Commercial Code