College of Literature

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
SHEW TSUCHIDO, PaulChristian Theology, Modern and Contemporary Christian History

Department of English

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ALLEN-TAMAI, Mitsue [Ed.D.]English Language Teaching
ASO, Erika [M.A.]English Novels
DABBS, T. W. [Ph.D.]Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama
DATE, Naoyuki [Ph.D.]English and Irish Poetry, Media Studies
DIAS, J. V. [M.A.]Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
FUKUDA, Takako [M.A.]American Literature in the 19th Century
FURUI, Yoshiaki [Ph.D.]19th century American literature
INO, Kinuyo [M.A.]Interpreting Studies
KIMURA, Matsuo [M.Ed.]English Language Education
KNIGHTON, M.A. [Ph.D.(English)]Literature縲´iterary Criticism/Theory
KUNO, Youichi [Master of Arts]English Literature of the 18th Century, Culture Research
MATSUI, Yuko [M.A., M.Sc.]British Literature
McCREADY, E. S., Jr. [Ph.D.]Semantic Theory
NAKAZAWA, Kazuo [M.Ed.]Linguistics
NISHIMOTO, Azusa [M.A.]American Literature
NOBE, Shuichi [Ph.D.]Psycholinguistics, Nonverbal Communication
OKAWA, Michiyo [M.A.]Performance Studies (Speech Communication)
ONODERA, Noriko [Ph.D.]Linguistics, Pragmatics
ROBINSON, P. J. [Ph.D.]Second Language Acquisition
SAITO, Kohei [Docter of Literature] American Literature and Culture Research (particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries)
SASAKAWA, Wataru [Docter of Literature] English poetry
SHIN, Kunio [Ph.D.(English)]English literature
STRONG, G. B. [M.A.]English Education, Language Testing, Canadian Studies, Communications
TAKAHASHI, Shouichi [Ph.D. of Linguistics]Theoretical Linguistics (with a Strong Focus on Syntax), Semantics
TAKEUCHI, Shinichi [M.Ed.]Cultural History of the English Language
TANAKA, MiyukiTranslation- and Interpretation-related Research, TESOL
TANAKA, Yusuke [Ph.D.]English Literature and Culture
TONOOKA, Naomi [Ph.D.]American Drama and Theatre
WAKABAYASHI, Makiko [Ph.D.]American Literature
YOKOTANI, Teruo [M.A.]English Linguistics
YOSHIBA, Hiroshi [Ph.D.]Theoretical Linguistics (Phonology)

Department of French Language and Literature

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ABE, Takashi [Doctor (Philosophy)]Contemporary French Thinking, Regional Cultural Studies
ADAMI, S. [Doctor (Geography)]French culture and society au niveau de la spécialité
AKIYAMA, Nobuko [D.L. (Doctor of Literature)]French Literature in 17the Century
ARAKI, Zenta [Doctor (Literature)]French Literature in 19the Century
DE LENCQUESAING, M. [Master 2 (new system master's degree 2) (early modern literature)] 17th century French literature, history of religion, women's history
DHORNE, F. [doctorat d'Etat (Linguistics)/ Doctor of Linguistics]Comparative Science between Japan and France Observed through French Society and Culture
HAMANO, Koichiro [Doctor (Literature)]French Literature, French Literature and Ideologies in 20th Century
IDA, Hisashi [D.L. Doctor (Literature)]French Literature and Ideologies in the 18th Century
KUBOTA, Takeshi [Doctor (Literature)]French Literature and Ideologies in 16th Century (Montaigne)
NISHIMURA, Tetsuichi [Doctor (Philosophy)]Modern Philosophy (Descartes)
OGATA, Kozue [Doctor (Linguistics)]Research on French Syntagmatic Verbs and Meaning
TSUYUZAKI, Toshikazu [D.L. Doctor (Literature)]French Poetry in 19th Century Centering on Baudelaire
WADA, Eri [D.L. Doctor (Literature)]French Literature in 20 the Century, Research on Marcel Proust

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
HIJIKATA, Yoichi [Ph.D.]Heian Literature
HIOKI, Shunji [M.A.]Modern/Contemporary Japanese Literature, Contemporary Tanka, Studies of Culture and Representation
KATAYAMA, Hiroyuki [M.A.]Modern Japanese Literature
KONDO, Yasuhiro [Ph.D.]Japanese Linguistics
OGAWA, Yasuhiko [Ph.D.]Early Japanese Literature (The Man'yoshu and History of Classical Scholarship), Bibliography
OYA, Taeko [Ph.D.]Early Modern Japanese Literature (Prose Fiction Genres)
SAEKI, Shinichi [Ph.D.]Medival Japanese Literature
SATO, Izumi [Ph.D.]Modern Japanese Literature, History of Japanese Literature after the Second World War
SAWADA, Jun [Ph.D.]Japanese Linguistics
SHINOHARA, Susumu [M.A.]Early Modern Japanese Literature (Ukiyo-zoshi)
TAKADA, Hirohiko [Ph.D.]Heian Literature
YAJIMA, Izumi [Ph.D.]Early Japanese Literature
YAMAMOTO, KeisukeClassical Japanese Literature (Emphasis on Poetry)
YAMASHITA, Kiyo [M.A.]Japanese Language Pedagogy, Japanese Linguistics

Department of History

Japanese History

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
FUJIWARA, Yoshiaki [Ph.D.]Reading and Research Presentation of Historical Materials from the Medieval Era
IWATA, Miyuki [Ph.D.]Structure and Characteristics of Modern Society
KITAMURA, Masaki [Ph.D.]Basic Study of Ancient Japanese History
KOBAYASHI, Kazuyuki [Ph.D.]Study of Contemporary Japanese History
KOMIYA, Hitoshi [Master of Laws]Japanese Political History (particularly contemporary history)

Oriental History

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
AOKI, Atsushi [Ph.D.]Medieval Chinese History
IIJIMA, Wataru [Ph.D.]East Asian History and Global History
NINOMIYA, Ayako [Ph.D.]Islamic history in Southern Asia

Occidental History

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
HIRATA, Masahiro [M.A.]History of the British Empire
SAKAMOTO, Hiroshi [M.A.]Study of Classical and Ancient History
WARITA, Satoshi [Ph.D.]Modern German-History/History of Modern Europe
YASUMURA, Naoki [M.A.]History of the Americas


Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
IWAI, Hiroto [M.A.]Archaeology of Northeastern Japan
KANTOU, Asuka [Ph.D. (Scienece)] The science of cultural properties (emphasis on archaeomagnetism)
KIKUCHI, Shigeto Promotion (Medieval History), [Master of Literature]History, Auxiliary Sciences of History
SHIMUZU, Nobuyuki [M.A.]Archaeology of Production and Commerce

Department of Comparative Arts

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ASAI, Kazuharu [M.A.]Japanese and Asian Art
HIROSE, Daisuke [Ph.D.]Musicology
IDEMITSU, Sachiko [Ph.D.]Japanese Art
KATO, ShinoArt History (emphasis on Japan Calligraphy History)
MIURA, Tetsuya [Ph.D.]Film Studies
MIZUNO, Chiyori [Doctor of Human and Enviromental Studies] Western Art History
NASU, Teruhiko [M.Phil.]Musicology
SAKUMA, Yasuo [M.A.]Western Drama
SATO, Katsura [Ph.D.]Japanese Early-Modern Drama, History of Japanese Performing Arts
TAKAHASHI, Tatsushi [M.A.]History of Western Art