School of Cultural and Creative Studies

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
DAN, Norihiko [Master of Architecture]Architectural design theory and urban planning theory
FUKUDA, Daisuke [Docteur en psychanalyse]Psychoanalysis, French Psychiatric History
FUKUOKA, Shin-Ichi [Doctor of Agriculture]Biological Science, Chemistry
FUKUSHIMA, Shintaro [Doctor of Global Environmentology]Sociology and Cultural Theory of Local Communities, Social Research and Statistics, Cultural and Social Psychology
HORIUCHI, Masahiro [Master of Commerce]Management Theory
IGUCHI, Norio [Master of Economics]Theory of Urban Policy, Theory of Cultural Policy
IIZASA, Sayoko [Ph.D (Sociology)]Cultural policy theory (multicultural policy and language policy), international cultural exchange theory
KAWAMATA, KeikoMarketing, Consumer Behavior, Research on Foundations of Content Creation, Research on the Formation and Development of Cultural Resource Entrep担ts
KUROISHI, Izumi [Ph.D. (Architectural Theory and History)]Architectural Theory and Design, Domestic Culture Urban/Architecture/Residential History, Theory of Environmental Design
MERKLEJN, I. [Doctor of Literature]Media, Japanese Cultural Research, Japanese History (Modern and Contemporary)
MIYAZAWA, Junichi [Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies)]Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Musicology, Media Studies
MORISHIMA, Yutaka [Ph.D. (European-American Culture)]Theology, Social Ethics
NAKANO, Masahiro [Ph.D. (Human and Environmental Studies)]Social Theory, Social Philosophy
OKIMOTO, Yukiko [Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies)]Festive Culture Studies, Japanese Cultural History
OSHIMA, Masatsugu [Master (Engineering)]Computer Science
SEKINE, Saori [Ph.D. (Literature)]Contemporary Philosophy
SHIGERU, Makito [Master of Arts]German Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
STOILOVA, V. [Master of Literature]Japanese Literature and Culture, Japanese Thought, Comparative Literature, Comparative Culture
SUGIURA, Seishi [Master of Economics]Economic History, Socioeconomics
TAKEUCHI, Takahiro [Master of Arts (Culture and Representation)]Culture and Representation Studies
TORIGOE, Keiko [Ph.D. (Art and Culture)]Environmental Aesthetics, Soundscape Theory, Music/Design Theory
UCHIYAMA, Takashi [Master of Business Administration]Business Administration, Economics (Public Utilities)
UMETSU, Junichi [Doctor of Economics]Economic History, Comparative Study of Civilizations
YANO, Shingo [Ph.D. (Human Science)]Regional Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Labor Sociology