School of Cultural and Creative Studies

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
DAN, Norihiko [Master of Architecture] Architectural design theory and urban planning Theory
FUKUDA, Daisuke [Docteur en psychanalyse] Psychoanalysis, French Psychiatric History
FUKUOKA, Shin-Ichi [Doctor of Agriculture] Biological Science, Chemistry
FUKUSHIMA, Shintaro [Doctor of Global Environmentology] Sociology and Cultural Theory of Local Communities, Social Research and Statistics, Cultural and Social Psychology
HORIUCHI, Masahiro [Master of Commerce] Management Theory
IGUCHI, Norio [Master of Economics] Theory of Urban Policy, Theory of Cultural Policy
IIZASA, Sayoko [Ph.D. (Sociology)] Cultural policy theory (multicultural policy and language policy), international cultural exchange theory
KAKEDA, Yutaka [Ph.D. (Management)] Distribution/Marketing
KUROISHI, Izumi [Ph.D. (Architectural Theory and History)] Architectural Theory and Design, Domestic Culture Urban/Architecture/Residential History, Theory of Environmental Design
MERKLEJN, I. [Doctor of Literature] Media, Japanese Cultural Research, Japanese History (Modern and Contemporary)
MIYAZAWA, Junichi [Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies)] Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Musicology, Media Studies
MORISHIMA, Yutaka [Ph.D. (European-American Culture)] Theology, Social Ethics
NAKANO, Masahiro [Ph.D. (Human and Environmental Studies)] Social Theory, Social Philosophy
OKIMOTO, Yukiko [Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies)] Festive Culture Studies, Japanese Cultural History
OSHIMA, Masatsugu [Master (Engineering)] Computer Science
SEKINE, Saori [Ph.D. (Literature)] Contemporary Philosophy
SHIGERU, Makito [Master of Arts] German Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
STOILOVA, V. [Master of Literature] Japanese Literature and Culture, Japanese Thought, Comparative Literature, Comparative Culture
SUGIURA, Seishi [Master of Economics] Economic History, Socioeconomics
TAKEUCHI, Takahiro [Master of Arts (Culture and Representation)] Culture and Representation Studies
TORIGOE, Keiko [Ph.D. (Art and Culture)] Environmental Aesthetics, Soundscape Theory, Music/Design Theory
UCHIYAMA, Takashi [Master of Business Administration] Business Administration, Economics (Public Utilities)
UMETSU, Junichi [Doctor of Economics] Economic History, Comparative Study of Civilizations
YANO, Shingo [Ph.D. (Human Science)] Regional Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Labor Sociology