College of Science and Engineering

FUKUSHIMA, Yuko [Doctor of Theology]New Testament and Christian Origins
KATAMI, Akio [Master of Arts]History of the English Language, English Philology, Medieval English Literature
KAWAGUCHI, Etsu [Master of Arts]English Linguistics (Discourse Analysis)
MORI, Sashiho [Ph.D. (Language Learning)]Verbal learning strategies, second language acquisition
HASEGAWA, Daisuke [Master of Arts]Arts and crafts
NAKAZONO, Yoshimi [Doctor (Medicine)]Sensitivity Information / Soft Computing, Scientific Sociology, History of Science and Technology
KOERBER ABE Sven Joerg [M.A. (Japanology)]German language education, media informatics
PAGEL, J.W. [Master of Arts]Learner Autonomy and Collaborative Learning
REEDY, D.W. [Master of Science]English Education for speakers of other Languages, CALL
ROBERTSON, C.E. [Master of Arts]L2 Composition, English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
TAKIMOTO, Masahiro [Ed.D., Ph.D]Second Language Acquisition

Department of Physics and Mathematics

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
AYUKAWA, Shin-ya [Doctor (Engineering)]Solid State Physics (Superconductivity, Microwave Physics)
FURUKAWA, Nobuo [Doctor (Science)]Solid State Physics
ICHIHARA, Naoyuki [Doctor (Mathematical Science)]Mathematics (Probability Theory and Functional Equations)
ISHIDA, Kentaro [Doctor of Engineering]Organogenetic biology
IWAO, Shinsuke [Doctor (Mathematical Science)]Integrable Systems
KAWAKAMI, Hiroshi [Doctor (Mathematical Science)]Integrable Systems
KITANO, Haruhisa [Doctor (Philosophy)]Condensed Matter Physics, Superconductivity, Microwave Property
KITANO, Kenta [Doctor of Science]Ultra-high-speed Laser Spectroscopy
MAEDA, Haruka [Doctor (Engineering)]Physics
MASUDA, Tetsu [Doctor (Science)]Theory of Nonlinear Integrable Systems
MATSUDA, Yoshifumi [Doctor (Mathematical Science)]
MATSUKAWA, Hiroshi [Doctor of Science]Condensed Matter Theory, Condensed Matter Physics, Superconductivity
MATSUMOTO, Hiroyuki [Doctor of Science]Mathematics (Probability Theory)
MITSUI, Toshiyuki [Doctor (Ph.D) (Physics)]Surface Science, Biophysics
MOTOKI, Takanori [Master of Engineering]Inorganic chemistry (emphasis on superconductors)
NAKAYAMA, Hiromichi [Doctor of Science]Topology
NISHIYAMA, Kyo [Doctor of Science]Mathematics (Representation Theory)
OHIRA, Yutaka [Doctor of Science]Astrophysics
SAKAMOTO, Takanori [Doctor (Science)]Observational Astrophysics
SAWADA, Makoto
SHIMOYAMA, Jun-ichi [Doctor of Engineering]Solid Defect Science, Superconducting Material Science
SUGIHARA, Masaaki [Doctor of Engineering]Numerical analysis
SUZUKI, Takehito [Doctor of Science]Seismic Physics (particularly theory)
TAKASHIMA, Akito [Doctro of Arts and Sciences]Nano and Micro Science
TAKEUCHI, Akihito [Doctor of Science]Theory of Physical Properties
TAKEUCHI, Yasuhiro [Doctor of Engineering]Applied Mathematics
TANIGUCHI, Kenji [Doctor (Mathematical Science)]Analysis
TOMISHIGE, MichioBiophysics, Single-molecule-scale Measurement
YAMAMOTO, Daisuke [Doctor of Science]Condensed matter theory
YAMAZAKI, Ryo [Doctor (Science)]Theoretical Astrophysics
YOSHIDA, Atsumasa [Doctor of Science]High Energy Astrophysics, Transient Astrophysical Objects, Space Astrophysical Experiments

Department of Chemistry and Biological Science

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ABE, Fumiyoshi [Doctor (Science)]Molecular Genetics, Piezophysiology
ABE, Jiro [Doctor of Engineering]Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
HASEGAWA, Miki [Doctor (Science)]Coordination Chemistry
HIRATA, Hiromi [Doctor of Science]Neuroscience
ISHII, Ayumi [Doctor of Science]Molecular Spectroscopy (Organic Electronics)
IKEDA, Masami [Doctor(Agriculture)]Bioinformatics, Protein Science, Biophysics
ISOZAKI, Tasuku [Doctor (Science)]Physical Chemistry
JIA, JunjunMaterial Science, Solid State Physics
KURIHARA, Ryosuke [Doctor (Engineering)]
MIYANO, Masashi [Doctor of Science]Biophysical Chemistry, Protein Chemistry, Structural Biology
MOCHIZUKI, Takahiro [Master of Engineering]Cell biology, biophysics
MUTOH, KatsuyaFunctional Property Science, Photochemistry
NAKADA, Kyoko [Doctor (Science)]Quantum Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry
OGINO, Kazutoyo [Doctor of Engineering]Neuroscience
OKAJIMA, HajimePhysical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy (particularly vibrational spectroscopy)
SAINO, Hiromichi [Doctor (Agriculture)]Structural Biology
SAKAMOTO, Akira [Doctor of Science]Physical chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, structural chemistry
SASAKI, Ikuo [Doctor (Pharmacy)]Organic Chemistry
SHIGESATO, Yuzo [Doctor (Engineering)]Solid State Chemistry, Creation of Inorganic Thin Film Material with Advanced Functions
SUGIMURA, Hideyuki [Doctor of Science]Organic Chemistry, Synthesis of Natural Products
SUWA, Makiko [Doctor (Science)]Life Science, Bioinformatics, Biophysics
SUZUKI, Tadashi [Doctor of Science]Physical Chemistry
TAKAHASHI, KeiX-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Method Theory, Structural Analysis Using XAFS Method
TAKEUCHI, Ryo [Doctor of Engineering]Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry
TANABE, Kazuhito [Doctor of Engineering]Analytical Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology

Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronic

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
DAIDO, Tetsuji [Doctor of Engineering]Generator Control
FUCHI, Shingo [Doctor of Engineering]Optical device engineering, optical properties, semiconductor materials, glass materials
HARUYAMA, Junji [Doctor (Engineering)]Nanoelectronics, Quantum/Nano-scopic Property
HASHIMOTO, Osamu [Doctor of Engineering]Applied Radio Wave Engineering
HAYASHI, Yoichi [Doctor of Engineering]Power Electronics
HOSHINO, Kenta [Doctor of Engineering in Information Science]Control Engineering (particularly nonlinear control theory and stochastic systems theory)
INAGAKI, Yuji [Master of Engineering]Electronic Circuit Engineering
JINUSHI, Hajime [Doctor of Engineering]Information Theory, Communication Theory
KO, Shinji [Doctor of Engineering]Semiconductor photoelectronics, crystal growth
KODAMA, Hideyuki [Doctor (Engineering)]Material Science
MATSUYA, Yasuyuki [Doctor (Engineering)]Electrical Circuits Engineering
MIYA, Nozomi
NANAI, YasushiSolid-state Physics (Emphasis on Optical Properties), Materials Engineering (Emphasis on Fluorescent Ceramics)
NOZAWA, Akio [Doctor (Engineering)]Welfare Engineering
OIWA, Kosuke [Master of Engineering]Biomedical engineering, neural engineering
SAWABE, Atsuhito [Doctor of Engineering]Crystal Engineering, Thin Film Device
SO, Tetsu [Doctor of Engineering]Engineering of electric materials (particularly electromagnetic wave absorbers)
SOTOBAYASHI, Hideyuki [Doctor (Engineering)]Optics and Quantum Electronics
SUGA, Ryousuke [Doctor (Engineering)]Microwave and millimeter-wave engineering
WATANABE, TakeshiElectrochemistry, Inorganic Materials Science
YONEYAMA, Jun [Ph.D.]Control Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
CHO, Hideo [Doctor (Engineering)]Laser Ultrasonics, Nondestructive Testing
DONGHYOK, Kang [Doctor (Engineering)]Fluidics, Fluid Machinery, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Fluid Mechanics
FUJIMOTO, Masakazu [Doctor of Engineering]Precision Machining (with a Strong Focus on Grinding), Other Grinding Processes in General
FUMOTO, KojiThermohydraulic Engineering, Biothermal Engineering, Energy Exchange Engineering
HASUNUMA, Shota [Master of Engineering]Material strength
HIROAKI, Keiichi [Doctor of Engineering]Flow induced vibrations
ISHII, KeikoHydraulic Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Optical Measurement, Mechanoluminescent Substances
KUMANO, Hiroyuki [Doctor of Engineering]Thermal Engineering
MORIMOTO, TakashiThermal Engineering
OGAWA, Takeshi [Doctor of Engineering]Strength and Fracture of Materials
OHISHI, Susumu [Doctor of Engineering]Precision Engineering, Precision Machining, Machine Tools, Metrology
SAKAMA, Sayako [Doctor of Engineering]Mechanical engineering (emphasis on flow measurements)
SUGAWARA, Yoshiki [Doctor of Engineering]Mechanics, multibody dynamics
WATANABE, Masahiro [Doctor (Engineering)]Machinery Dynamics/Control, Control Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Vibrations, Biomechanics
YOKOTA, Kazuhiko [Doctor (Engineering)]Fluid Mechanics, Fluids Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Jet Propulsion
YONEYAMA, Satoru [Doctor (Engineering)]Solid Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics
ZHANG, Yuelin [Doctor of Engineering]Biomechanics, Mechanical Dynamics

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
HIDA, Takuya [Doctor of Engineering]Human Engineering, Industrial Engineering
HIYOSHI, Hisamoto [Doctor (Engineering)]Operations Research, Mathematical Engineering, Computational Geometry
ISHIZU, Syohei [Doctor of Engineering]Quality Information Systems, Evaluation Attributes Structure, Quality Management Technology, Management Quality Assessment
KABURAGI, Takashi [Doctor of Engineering]Learning-based information processing
KAJIYAMA, Tomoko [Doctor of Philosophy]Human-Computer Interaction, Multimedia Retrieval, Knowledge Interaction Design
KUMAGAI, Satoshi [Doctor of Engineering]Business Management Systems, Business Process Management
KURIHARA, Yosuke [Doctor of Engineering]System engineering
MATSUMOTO, Toshiyuki [Doctor (Engineering)]Industrial Engineering, Kaizen Activity, Environmental Education
MIZUYAMA, Hajime [Doctor of Engineering]Production and Operations Management, Collective Intelligence
NISHIGAKI, TakahiroMachine Learning, Clustering, Text Mining, Signal Processing
NONAKA, Tomomi [Doctor of System Engineering]Production Systems Engineering and Service Engineering
ONODA, Takashi [Doctor of Engineering]Statistic machine learning, cybersecurity
OUCHI, Noritomo [Doctor of Engineering]Management Science, Innovation Management
SAITOH, Fumiaki [Doctor (Engineering)]Artificial Intelligent Systems, Computational Intelligence, Soft Computing, Quality Information Systems
SATO, Shin-ichi [Doctor of Science]Requirements Engineering, Software Engineering
SUNG, Shao-Chin [Ph.D. (Information Science)]Operations Research, Game Theory, Combination Optimization
TAKAHASHI, Natsumi [Master's degree (Engineering)]Operations and research (combinational optimization), reliability engineering
ZANG, Wei [Doctor of Commerce]Management Engineering, Decision Theory, Information Theory, Human Resource Management, Fuzzy Theory

Department of Integrated Information Technology

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
DÜRST, Martin J. [Doctor of Science]World Wide Web Architecture, Software Internationalization, Programming Education
GUILLAUME, Lopez. F [Doctor of Environmental Studies]Wearable information
HARADA, Minoru [Doctor of Science]Natural Language Processing, Semantic Analysis, Text Mining
HASEGAWA, Dai [Doctor (Information Science)]Human-Robot Interaction, Natural Language Processing
KANEKO, NaoshiComputer Vision, Human Sensing
KOMIYAMA, Setsu [Doctor of Engineering]Sensory Engineering, Acoustic Engineering
MATSUBARA, Shunichi [Doctor of Science]Formal Language Theory, Computational Complexity Theory
MORIKAWA, Hiroyuki [Doctor of Global Information and Telecommunications Studies]Ergonomics, information science, media information science
OHARA, Kozo [Doctor (Engineering)]Discovery Science, Knowledge Engineering, Data Mining, Machine Learning
SAKUTA, Hiroshi [Doctor of Engineering]Computer Application Science, Design Information Engineering
SUMI, Kazuhiko [Doctor of Engineering]Visual Information Science
TAKAHASHI, Junji [Doctor (Doctor of Engineering)]Mechatronics, robotics, sensor networks
TOBE, Yoshito [Doctor (Media and Governance)]Communication Networks
TOYOTA, Tetsuya [Doctor of Engineering]Intelligent Information, Educational Technology
YAMAGUCHI, Hiroaki [Doctor of Engineering]Robotics, Nonlinear Control, Applied Mechanics
YONEZAWA, Naoaki [Master of Engineering]Robot engineering