School of International Politics, Economics and Communication

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
SHERRILL, Micheal John [Doctor of Philosophy] Christian Theology (particularly evangelism and missionary work)

Department of International Politics

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ABE, Tatsuya [Doctor (Laws)] International Law
BOYD, J.P. [Ph.D. (Politics)] Comparative Goverment, International Relations
HABA, Kumiko [Doctor of Philosophy(International Relations)] International Relations, International Politics, Regional Integration in Europe and Asia, Democrasy and Nationalism
INAGAKI, Ataru [Doctor of Medicine] Clinical Psychiatry, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics
ITOU, Takehito [Doctor (International Politics)] Political Studies (particularly policy decision-making theory)
KIKUCHI, Tsutomu [Doctor (Laws)] International Politics and Economies in Asia Pacific
KOJIMA, Toshiro Global Environmental Policy
KURAMATSU, Tadashi [Masters (Politics and Diplomatic Studies)] Diplomatic History
LIM, Jaehwan [Doctor (Laws)] Contemporary Chinese Politics
OSHIBA, Ryo [Ph.D. of Politics] International Relations, International Organizations
OSHIMURA, Takashi [Doctor (Politics)] History of Political Thought, Philosophy of International Relations
TAKEDA, Okiyoshi [Doctor of Politics] American Politics
TSUCHIYAMA, Jitsuo [Doctor (International Politics)] International Politics and International Security
WADA, Hironori [Doctor (Laws)] Political Economy
YAMAKAGE, Susumu [Doctor (International Politics)] International Politics, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific

Department of International Economics

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
HONDA, Shigemi [Master (Economics)] Economic Theory
IIZAKA, Hitomi [Doctor of Economics] International Economics
KAJISA, Kei [Doctor (Agricultural Economics)] Development Economics
KIMURA, Mitsuhiko [Doctor (Economics)] Economic and Political History
NAKAGAWA, Hironobu [Doctor (Economics)] International Finance and Macroeconomics
OHNO, Akihiko [Doctor (Economics)] Economic Development
OKAMURA, Minoru [Master (Economics)] Economic Theory
SEMBA, Ken-ichi [Master (Economics)] Theoretical Economics
SEO, Kami [Doctor (Urban and regional planning)] Environmental Economics
TAKETA, Kenshi [Doctor (Economics)] International Finance
TOMOHARA, Akinori [Ph.D.(Economics)] International Economics
TSURUTA, Yoshitaka [Doctor of Social Economics] Industrial Organization Theory, Competition Policy Theory, Applied Econometrics
UCHIDA, Tatsuya [Doctor (International Economics)] Applied Microeconomics
UCHIYAMA, Yoshihide [Doctor (International Economics)] International Economics

Department of International Communication

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
CHEN, Jidong [Ph. D] Modern Chinese Thought
EVANOFF, Richard J. [Ph.D.] Comparative Culture
HASHIMOTO, Hidemi [Doctor (Literature)] Chinese Philology (Especially Confucianism Philology)
IKAWA, Hajime [Ph.D.] Theoretical Linguistics
KAKAI, Hisako [Ph.D.] Multicultural Psychology, Intercultural Communication
KANO, Yoshiki [Master of Arts] English Literature
KATSUMATA, Eriko [Doctor of Education] English Teaching Studies
KOKUBU, Toshihiro [Ph.D.] French Literature
OKUBO, Michiko [Ph.D.] Spanish Literature
PODALKO, Petr. [Doctor (Linguistic Culture)] History of Russo-Japanese Relations
SARUHASHI, Junko [Ph.D.] Sociolinguistics
SUEDA, Kiyoko [Ph.D.] Communication Studies (Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication)
TANABE, Masami [Master of Arts] Cognitive Linguistics (Cognitive Grammar, Cognitive Semantics), English Phonetics
TASAKI, Katsuya [Ph.D.] Cross-Cultural Psychology
TORITSUKA, Ayuchi [Master (Literature)] Cultural Anthropology, Andean Area Studies
WATANABE, Chiaki [Ph.D.] Modern Spanish History