Department of Social Informatics

Name [Academic Degree] Area of Expertise
ENDO, Toshinori [Ph.D.(Sports Science)] Sports Training Theory
FUKIHARU, Toshitaka [Ph.D (Economics)] Public Economics
FUSHIYA, Hirotaka [Doctor (Mathematical Science)] Probability Theory, Mathematical Finance
HIRAKIZAWA, Eisuke [Master of Arts in Economics] Economics (International Finance)
HOENIGMAN, D. F [Master of Liberal Arts] Avant-garde Literature
IIJIMA, Yasuhiro [Master of Engineering] Information Science
INAZUMI, Hiroshige [Doctor of Engineering] Information Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
ISHIDA, Hiroyuki [Ph.D. (Economics)] Energy Economics, Energy Security and Global Environmental Issues
ITO, Kazunari [Doctor (Engineering)] Media Information Processing, Natural Language Processing
IWAI, Chihiro [Doctor (Economics)] Finance/Securities, Corporate Governance
KAGAWA, Shuta [Doctor of Psychology] Community and organisational learning theory, situated learning theory (activity theory)
KARIYADO, Toshibumi [Ph.D.] Theory of Learning Environment Design
KASUYA, Naohiko [Doctor of Mathematical Sciences] Topology (with a Strong Focus on Contact Geometry)
KATSUYA, Noriko [Doctor of Psychology] Social Psychology and Clinical Psychology
KIYONARI, Toko [Doctor (Behavioral Science)] Experimental Social Science, Evolutionary Psychology
KOIKE, Kazuhiko [Doctor of Science] Algebra
LAMBACHER, Stephen [Ph.D. (Cognitive Science)] L2 Acquisition, Mobile-Assisted Language Learning(Mall), Social Media
MATSUZAWA, Yoshiaki [Doctor of Media and Governance] Information in Education (with a Strong Focus on Problem-based Learning and Programming Education), Software Engineering (with a Strong Focus on Object-oriented Design), Information Systems (with a Strong Focus on Requirement Acquisition)
MINAKI, Takeo [Doctor of Commerce] Stock/Securities Theory, Finance, Behavioral Finance
MIYAGAWA, Hiroyuki [Master of Engineering] Information Systems
MIYAJI, Yutaka [Master of Engineering] Information Engineering and Robotics
MURATA, Kazuyoshi [Doctor of Engineering] Human Interfaces
NAGAHASHI, Toru [Master of Economics] Economics of Tourism, Economic Policy
OMIYA, Ken New Testament Theology (The Gospel according to Matthew)
TAKAGI, Kotaro [Doctor of Philosophy] Developmental Psychology, Forensic Psychology
TERAO, Atsushi [Ph.D.] Cognitive Science
YANO, Koichi [Doctor of Science] Dynamical Systems, Topology
YONEYAMA, Asuka [Doctor of Literature] English Phonetics, English Teaching and Pronunciation
YOSHIDA, Aoi [Master of Science] Educational Technology