Charles Robertson, C. E.(アドバイザー・グループ)

Charles Robertson, C. E.

所属学部College of Science and Engineering(理工学部)
担当科目English CoreⅠ-a, English CoreⅠ-c, English CoreⅡ-a, English CoreⅡ-c, English CoreⅠ-b, English CoreⅠ-d, 科学技術英語Ⅰ(大学院)
人数制限あり(10 students)
"The world is your oyster! "This means in order to achieve something in this world, one has to grab the opportunity. Likewise, the experiences that you have in your 20s often shape your life-long interests and friendships, so there's no time to waste!

Hello. My name is Charles Robertson... but please call me "Charlie-sensei." I am from California in the United States, yet I have lived in Japan for many years. My passion is teaching; however, I also have many hobbies: camping, surfing, reading, traveling, listening to music and BBQing. In my adviser group, I am looking forward to sharing with students the things that have made my life so satisfying.

I would like to "advise" a small group of curious students to explore new places and have new adventures together. Do you enjoy traveling? Do you enjoy doing things outdoors such as hiking and camping? I have several activities in mind, but I want each member to bring his/her own ideas forward and decide (as a group) the activities that sound most interesting. This adviser group will meet at least four times a year, so we can enjoy activities in each season. *IMPORTANT: The main language of communication in this adviser group will be English; therefore, please understand that we will be communicating among ourselves mostly in English.

Please send me an email message (in English) if you are interested in joining my adviser group. Hope to see you soon!