About GSC (School of Global Studies and Collaboration)


We cultivate global-minded human resources, unique to Aoyama Gakuin University. Along with acquiring knowledge and skills that enable them to share perspectives and to collaborate with others, our students develop high awareness in respecting diversity and coexistence, as well as strong ethics to serve the society.

The School of Global Studies and Collaboration (GSC)

Practical Interdisciplinary Education

The School of Global Studies and Collaboration (GSC) was established in 2015 with the goal of cultivating graduates prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing globalized world. Students in the department take courses from four clusters: collaboration, sociology, business, and media and spatial information. This interdisciplinary curriculum ensures that students receive broad-based social science instruction that can be utilized in a wide variety of fields. GSC faculty members include a number of instructors with long records of practical experience in their respective fields and industries, and strive to provide students with the tools to connect classroom theory with real-world applications.

Asia’s Growing Significance: Challenges and Opportunities

The economic, political, and cultural impact of the emergence of Southeast Asia is transforming the shape of globalization. While the growing markets of Thailand, Malaysia, and other surrounding nations offer opportunity, their rapid modernization and internationalization also present serious challenges both locally and globally. GSC aims to cultivate individuals who can contribute to solving these problems by synthesizing theory-based social science with project-based fieldwork.

Creating Global Citizens

Working effectively in a global environment requires more than classroom training. Students in the department are required to complete a one-semester study abroad at one of our partner institutions in Thailand or Malaysia as an integral part of their curriculum. This experience provides students with both the practical skills to complete on-the-ground fieldwork in developing nations as well as the opportunity to develop the flexibility and adaptability necessary to excel in multilingual and multicultural environments.

Program for International Students

GSC provides highly motivated international students with a variety of undergraduate courses based on social science in both English and Japanese. The courses include Japan Studies Courses, which offers students a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Japan, Japan-related academic fields. Students choose from a selection of courses covering business, economics, culture, history, and geography, where they will learn from a collection of renowned researchers, artists, and policy analysts about issues in each field. Japanese language courses are also offered.



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