Exchange students (undergraduate) are required to take at least 14 credits per semester at AGU (at least 10 hours of class time per week) to maintain their student visa status. Graduate students are required to register for at least one course (2 credits) in their graduate school.
The majority of the courses are 2 credits per semester. Each class period is 90 minutes long and 1 semester consists of 15 weeks of classes.

Please refer to the details in the course descriptions. Course descriptions can be found in the on-line search engine.

1. Courses for Exchange Students

Japanese Courses offered especially for Exchange Students are as follows:

・Japanese(A),(B),(C),(D)(日本語):1 class each per week, 4 classes in total per week(1 credit each, 4 credits in total)
・Japanese Culture & Society(日本事情):1 class per week(2 credits)
・Japanology(日本学):1 class per week(2 credits)

Japanese and Japanese Culture & Society are taken according to levels of ability. The levels are decided after taking the Placement Test before arrival. These courses are offered as under undergraduate courses.

2. Courses taught in Japanese (Undergraduate)

Exchange students may also take other regular courses taught in Japanese with local degree-seeking students, as long as they have the necessary Japanese language abilities and the courses are not restricted.
Exchange students at AGU must choose 1 Department in which they will mainly study when applying. However, they may choose to take courses from other Departments as long as those courses are not restricted.

3. Courses taught in English (Undergraudate)

Please refer below for courses taught in English and IPJS courses in AY 2023.