Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Students learn from literary works that have been cultivated throughout Japanese history and on Japanese soil, while constantly maintaining a "modern" perspective.

The Department is one of the leading research/educational bases in Japan that covers all three areas of Japanese Literature, Linguistics and Language Education. In terms of time, we cover all literary periods from ancient times through the Heian, medieval, modern, and contemporary eras. In terms of literature, we study works from "Kojiki" all the way to Haruki Murakami (including Chinese literature which has a deep influence on Japanese literature). In terms of linguistics, which targets the Japanese language itself, we cover everything from ancient Japanese to popular terminology of contemporary times, and also provide courses on the field of language education, which involves teaching Japanese language to foreigners. Thus, the Department boasts a diverse faculty unseen at other universities. Starting from formative culture, which focuses on the relationship between literature and film, we provide attractive classes by taking innovative approaches. Centering on exercises, the curriculum is made so that students take the initiative in learning. We stimulate the intellectual curiosity of students by taking an approach that supersedes existing frameworks, such as by providing intensive courses on the latest research areas given by outside researchers who are pioneers in the areas, etc. Through language, we analyze the common truths about human existence through language and nurture perceptiveness that can be used when working in international society.

Campus of Attendance

First Year to Fourth Year :


Lists electives

Required Credits for Graduation / 126 Credits
Elective Subjects
Category Subjects
1st and 2nd year

  • Introduction to Japanese Classical Literature
  • Introduction to Japanese Modern Literature
  • Introduction to the Chinese Literature
  • Data Processing on Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Literature
  • Introduction to the Japanese Language
  • History of Japanese Language
  • Reading of Japanese Literary Works [1]~[4]
  • Reading of Chinese Literary Works
  • Advanced Japanese Linguistics
2nd – 4th year

  • Lecture on Japanese Literature [1]~[12]
  • Lecture on Chinese Literature [1] [2]
  • Lecture on Japanese Language [1]~[3]
  • Theory of Culture and Representation [1]~[3]
1st – 3rd year

  • Seminar in Japanese Literature [1]~[6]
  • Seminar in Chinese Literature [1] [2]
  • Seminar in Japanese Language [1] [2]
2nd – 4th year

  • Seminar in Japanese Literature [7]~[23]
  • Seminar in Chinese Literature [3]~[5]
  • Seminar in Japanese Language [3]~[5]
1st year

  • Introduction to Teaching Japanese
  • Calligraphy l
2nd year

  • Introduction to the Japanese Language
3rd year

  • Seminar in Teaching Japanese B
  • Calligraphy ll
4th year

  • Theories of Calligraphy
The Aoyama Standard Subjects
1st - 4th year :

School-wide universal education system where experts in wide-ranging academic fields transcending the framework of colleges/schools and departments stimulate interest in learning and provide guidance.

Foreign Language Subjects
[ Foreign Language I ] 1st year :

English Reading (I), Oral English (I), English Composition

2nd year :

English Reading (II), Oral English (II)

Free Elective Subjects
1st - 4th year :

Students can freely select from departmental subjects, Aoyama Standard Subjects, Foreign Language Elective Subjects (take at least minimum credits required), Universal Subjects in the College of Literature, subjects in other departments of the College of Literature, as well as subjects offered by other colleges.