Research Highlights

Cutting-edge Research in Science & Technology

World class Astrophysics:
Participated in the Hitomi spacecraft mission

A leading Nano-technology research center:
With 400kV High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope and other valuable instruments that drive research collaboration both within the academic world and industry

Government sponsored R&D:
Next generation of health and lifestyle devices

Connecting with the Global Academic Community

AGU hosts academic conferences with prominent guest speakers from both home and abroad and offers a great opportunity for students to ask big questions to the great minds.

-OECD International symposium on food credence attributes “How can we design policies to meet consumer demand?” (2017)
-Biennial conference on “International Politics in East Asia” co-hosted with Tsinghua University (China, 2012), Seoul National University (Korea, 2014), Taiwan National University (2016)
-“Roland Barthes, l’écriture et la vie »Symposium for 100th Anniversary of the birth of Roland Barthes (2015)

  1. Research Focused on Outer Space

    Aoyama Gakuin University's College of Science and Engineering and Graduate School of Science and Engineering are pursuing a wide range of research and education in the aerospace field.