Career Support

The Career and Employment Support Office at AGU offer tools and information that you need to succeed in building your career in Japan.

Career Guidance for International Students

Responding to the demand for recruiting international students living in Japan, this career guidance provides useful information for international students to help find a job. You would learn the Japan-specific recruitment schedule for new graduates, Japanese business manners, the procedure for obtaining residence status, and more.

The guidance also offers advice on how international students can take advantage of their status as a non-Japanese student, based on experiences of international alumni who received a job offer from companies in Japan.

*NOTE: In the selection process at Japanese companies, job-seeking students are required to submit a curriculum vitae called an "Entry Sheet" in each company's original format, and to take a written examination in Japanese. International students participate in every phase of this process together with Japanese students.
We provide all students, including international students, with programs to prepare them for various kinds of pre-employment examination.

Career Counseling

The staff listens to your hopes and concerns, and gives advice on all aspects of job hunting: how to write an effective resume and "Entry Sheet", (a Japan-specific application form to show your strengths and abilities); and how to efficiently learn about industries and employers you are interested in. Counseling staff are friendly and welcoming and the career counseling service is extremely popular at AGU: about half of all AGU students take it.

AGU Career Support Website: Web Ash

Web Ash is AGU’s own online tool to help you in your job search. The website lists all the career events and seminars, postings for international students, as well as alumni’s personal experiences in pre-employment examinations and the like.

Career Reference Room

The career reference room has a section specifically catering for international students. Job postings sent to AGU by employers actively hiring international students are available, as well as information about internship programs for international students.
Information concerning public agencies such as the Immigration Bureau and the Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners, is also available.