Career Support

Career Support

The Career and Employment Support Office assists international students to achieve their career goals by providing professional development skills and employment opportunities for entering the job market.

Job-Hunting Guidance for International Students

Taking into account the trends in recruitment of international students in Japan, this guidance provides useful information for international students in their job-hunting activities, including information on the unique recruitment schedule in Japan and how to arrange their search by it, the rules and manners that job-seeking students should abide by, and the procedures for obtaining residence status.

The guidance also covers advice for making use of their advantage as international students in the job search. We also discuss the experiences of non-Japanese students who have received tentative employment offers from local companies.

*NOTE: In the selection process at Japanese companies, job-seeking students are required to submit a curriculum vitae called an "Entry Sheet" in each company's original format, and to take a written examination in Japanese. International students participate in every phase of this process together with Japanese students.
We provide all students, including international students, with programs to prepare them for various kinds of pre-employment examination.

Individual Consultation

With an emphasis on individual counseling, the staff listens attentively to the wishes and problems of each student and gives advice on all aspects of the job-hunting activities, which includes reviewing the CVs and "Entry Sheets", and collecting industry and corporate information. Because of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the office, one out of every two students of the University is taking the consultation.

Job-Hunting Support Website

Our job-hunting support website provides information from various sources for international students, such as job posting by the companies recruiting international students, and the graduates' reports of their experiences in pre-employment examinations. Students can also access the system from their home, and even from overseas.

The Resource Room

At the international student section of the Resource Room, you can access the job posting information sent to AGU by the companies actively recruiting international students, and information on internship programs targeting international students. Also, information on public agencies, such as the Immigration Bureau and the Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners, which could be of help to international students in their job-hunting activities, are available here.

Bulletin Board

The international student section displays various reference materials selected from those stored in the Resource Room (international student section) in an easily accessible manner.