In 1874, Dora E. Schoonmaker, who was a missionary sent to Japan by the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States, founded the Girls' Elementary School, which is one of the three original schools of Aoyama Gakuin. In 1878, Julius Soper founded the Kokyo Gakusha Boys' School, and Robert S. Maclay founded the Methodist Mission Seminary in 1879. These three schools evolved into the present-day Aoyama Gakuin.

In 1883, the Methodist Mission Seminary and Tokyo English School merged to become the Tokyo Anglo-Japanese College, and then in 1894 the Tokyo.

Anglo-Japanese College was renamed Aoyama Gakuin. In 1927, Aoyama Gakuin and Aoyama Jogakuin merged, with Aoyama Gakuin becoming an academy comprising about 3,000 students by adding students from Aoyama Jogakuin to the student body of its Theological School, senior high school, and junior high school.

In 1949, the establishment of Aoyama Gakuin University was approved and the University opened with the three colleges of literature, commerce and engineering (Yokosuka Campus).
The Faculty of Law was established in 1959, the College of Science and Engineering was established in Megurisawa, Setagaya Ward in 1965 and the School of Business was founded in 1966.

In 1982, at the same time that the School of International Politics and Economics was founded, the freshmen and sophomores of the humanities departments and the freshmen of the College of Science and Engineering on the Setagaya Campus were transferred to the new campus established in Atsugi to enhance education at the University and expand its campus area. In 2003, Aoyama Gakuin closed the Atsugi and Setagaya campuses and opened the Sagamihara Campus, which integrates the humanities and sciences.

In 2008, the School of Cultural and Creative Studies and the School of Social Informatics were established, and the College of Education, Psychology and Human Studies was established in 2009. In 2013, the school campuses of the seven colleges of humanities and social sciences were transferred to the Aoyama Campus.

Since 2013, all undergraduate students spend their academic life at a single campus (Aoyama campus has seven faculties and Sagamihara has two faculties).

Our 10th faculty, the School of Global Studies and Collaboration opened in April 2015 at the Sagamihara Campus.

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