Academic Programs in English

Global Studies Program (GSP) by the School of International Politics, Economics and Communication (SIPEC)

In 2015, SIPEC launched GSP in order to return the school to its roots as a pioneer in international education. The program offers a majority of subjects in English and enables many SIPEC students to fully unleash their potential globally. This English-focused program is designed to meet students' eagerness to learn specialized subjects on the international political economy in English.
Students will improve their specialized, English, and communication skills through this program, which will help them enormously in their studies abroad and job search. This program is intentionally made non-compulsory and recruits students who are interested in taking on this bold challenge.

Strategic Management and Intellectual Property Rights Program (SMIPRP) by the Graduate School of Business

The SMIPRP is a 12-month Master's degree program at AGU's Graduate School of Business and offers cutting-edge classes and practical management skills for future leaders, particularly in customs organizations around the world. All classes taken through the SMIPRP are given in English, and the program is open to students worldwide. This master's degree program operates under the sponsorship of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

International Master’s Program by the Graduate School of Science and Engineering

In 2017, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering began the International Master’s Program aimed at international students. The program offers students the opportunity to complete a Master’s of Science or a Master's of Engineering in English under one of six courses offered.
The program is a full 2-year program with all classes and assignments given in English.

International Exchange Program

AGU offers an exchange program for students from our partner universities around the world. Students spend either one semester or one year at AGU and can choose classes from a catalog of over 200+ classes which are offered fully in English. The International Center also works to help build lasting relationships and friendships, bringing both the school and the students together through various inter-cultural activities and events.