Exchange Program

“Exchange students” refers to students who have been selected to study at AGU by a university that has a student exchange agreement with AGU. Tuition fees for exchange students are basically waived but please check for details with your home university.
If you wish to apply for exchange program, please firstly contact your home university’s International Office. Only application from students nominated by partner universities will be accepted.

  1. IPJS

    International Program for Japan Studies/国際日本研究プログラム

    Japan Studies at AGU – Beyond Cool is an exciting new interdisciplinary program balancing the trendy “Cool Japan” with the substance of the “Real Japan.

  2. Courses

    Exchange students (undergraduate) are required to take at least 14 credits per semester at AGU (at least 10 hours of class time per week) to maintain student visa status.
    Majority of the courses are 2 credits per semester. Each period is 90 minutes long and 1 semester consists of 15 weeks of classes.

  3. Application

    First of all, please check the eligibility and application instructions.
    All materials should be submitted via online form except for 5 ID photos(These should be sent by postal mail.)

  4. Housing Information for Exchange Students

    For detailed information about Housing, please see the Housing Information Handbook below. There is a separate Housing Information Handbook for each campus.
    For students who do not wish to live in the dormitory, please also refer to the handbook, as it contains information for apartments, guesthouses and homestays as well.

  5. After Arriving

    Please participate in the orientation week after arrival. It is held before classes start. Also, such important topics as procedures on settling in as well as about course registration will be explained. Course registration will be done after arrival during designated course registration period.

  6. Before Leaving

    Before leaving AGU, pre-departure orientation will be held. Important issues such as moving-out procedures will be informed.