Extracurricular Activities

Activities for International Students

The International Center (IC) organizes various events for international students during the year. From homestays and Kabuki shows to Japanese floral arrangement demonstrations and everything in between, students are offered the opportunities to experience Japanese culture together with other international students to share each other’s culture in addition to learning about their host country’s.

To meet the specific needs of our international students, we have a dedicated team providing a wide range of services.

Social & Cultural Events

The International Center organizes a number of cultural activities and social events throughout the year, to provide international students with the opportunities to experience traditional Japanese culture and socialize with Japanese students.

Events organized by the International Center include ...

  • Day Trip for Strawberry Picking
  • Tea Leaf Harvesting
  • Kabuki Watching
  • Sumo Watching
  • ...and more!

Coffee Meeting

The International Center (IC) invites both international and Japanese students to our "Coffee Meeting", a fun chat meeting we hold every other month. It is an event where students enjoy games and activities together over coffee/juice with snacks. This is a great chance to make friends with AGU students from all over the world.

Advisors & Tutors

Faculty members are assigned as "advisors" and Japanese students as "tutors" in each faculty to help international students. Advisors answer questions regarding classes and life in Japan, while tutors assist in both academic and personal matters so they can quickly adjust to the new environment in Japan.

Chat Room

Chat Room, open every weekday, facilitates international exchange through communication in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. In the English/Chinese/Korean sessions, international students serve as "Chat Leaders" who lead discussions to promote cultural exchange and at the same time help improve communication skills in a casual setting. The Japanese sessions, on the other hand, are designed for international students who want to learn about Japanese culture and improve their Japanese conversation skills.

Chat Room

Student Clubs and Organizations

It is not all academic! AGU students enrich their student lives through clubs and activity groups, and the number of clubs which are officially recognized by the university amount to over 220. Amongst 51 official sports teams, AGU’s Ekiden (university relay) team is famous for its competitiveness.

3.11 Tohoku Support (Volunteer), A cappella, Advertising, Aiesec, Aikido, All-Round Sports, American Football, Ancient Art,
Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Boat, Boxing, Brass Band & Baton Twirling, Bridge, Broadcasting,
Calligraphy, Charity & Volunteer, Cheerleading, Children's Association, Choir, Christian Student Association, Comedy, Competition Dance, Cooking, Creative Culture Planning, Cricket, Cycling, Dance, Discussion, Disney, Dodgeball,
Economic Analysis, Economic Research, Engineering, English, English Newspaper, English Speaking Society (E.S.S.), Entrance Examination, Equestrian,
Fencing, Flower Arrangement, Futsal,
Global Learning Commons, Go (Japanese Boardgame), Golf, Guitar,
Handball, Handmade, Hide And Seek, Hiking,
Iaido (Japanese martial art), Ice Skating, Idol, Indoor Sports, Inline Hockey, International Exchange, International Volunteer,
Jazz Dance, Jazz Orchestra, Judo, Juggling,
Kabuki (Japanese performing arts), Karate, Karuta (Japanese card game), Kempo (Japanese martial art), Kendo (Japanese martial art), Koto And Shakuhachi (Japanese musical instruments), K-Pop Dance,
Lacrosse, Law, Literary Walking, Literature,
Manga, Media, Melody House Music, Model United Nations, Motorbike, Mountain Climbing, Music Art Research, Musical, Mythology / Anthropology,
Nature, Newspaper, Noh (Japanese performing arts),
Orchestra, Overseas Travel,
Performing Arts, Photography, Piano, Pokemon, Power Lifting,
Railways, Rakugo (Japanese verbal entertainment), Rhythm Mandolino, Rowing, Rugby, Russian Community,
Science And Technology Light Music, Scuba Diving, Shogi (Japanese board game), Shooting, Shorinji Kempo (Japanese martial art), Sign Language, Skiing, Snowboarding, Soft Tennis, Softball, Song Reading, Songwriting, Squash, Survival Game, Swimming,
Table Tennis, Tap Dance, Tea Ceremony, Tennis, Theater,
United Rhythm Carriers, University Festival Executive Committee,
Video Technology, Volleyball,
Wild Birds, Windsurfing, Workshop, World Heritage, Wrestling,
Yachting, Youth Hostelling

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is unique to Aoyama Gakuin University. Advisors consisting of faculty members have own themes for their group activities. Undergraduate students can choose from a range of advisory groups and it is a chance to meet fellows from other departments at university and engage in extracurricular activities that are separate to the normal club activities.