Academic Calendar

Academic Terms

First SemesterApril-Early August
Summer VacationEarly August-Mid-September
Second SemesterMid-September-March
Winter VacationLate December-Early January
Spring BreakEarly February-Late March

Annual Schedule

April ・Entrance ceremony

・New student orientation

・Course guidance and registration

・Health check

・First semester classes begin

・Welcome chapel service for new students

・Easter service

May ・Service in commemoration of the conversion of John Wesley

・First semester Chapel Week

June ・Pentecost service

・Advisor group day

July ・Make-up classes

・First semester exams

August ・Summer vacation

・Kiyosato Summer College

September ・Second semester begins

・Fall Commencement ceremony

October ・Sagamihara School Festival

・Second semester Chapel Week

・Aoyama School Festival

November ・Aoyama Gakuin Foundation Day (16th)

・Foundation service

・The Christmas tree ceremony

December ・Christmas service

・Winter break

January ・Make-up classes

・Second semester exams

February ・Second semester finishes
March ・Graduation service

・Commencement ceremony for undergraduate and graduate students