Full Time International Students

  1. Admission for Full Time International Students

    Many lectures in the undergraduate and graduate program are conducted in Japanese, so it is advisable for students to have sufficient Japanese language proficiency.

  2. Tuition and Fees

    Please refer to the website below for the payment of tuition and fees.

  3. Scholarships & Financial Aid

    Every year, approximately 50% of undergraduate and 70% of graduate-international students receive some kind of scholarship, including AGU Industry-University Collaborative Global Scholarship.

  4. Visa/Status of Residence

    For international students who are accepted to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program at AGU, please check the "Visa/Status of Residence" below carefully and follow the procedures which correspond to your status of residence. If you have passed the entrance examination for undergraduate-international students, please read the Admissions Procedures and Requirements for International Students.

  5. Application Form for Letter of Admission

  6. Housing

    Many international students at AGU live in privately rented condominiums or apartments. We do not offer rentals, but we can introduce relatively inexpensive accommodations through Aoyama Gakuin Campus Shop Real Estate Team.