Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication

Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication

Academic Principles & Scheme

At the Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication, we nurture individuals who are able to contribute to international society. Students tackle problems and issues in international society through the three research areas of international politics, international economics, and international communication, as well as through an interdisciplinary program, which is a combination of these areas. The Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication provides a program which comprises one of the most systematized curriculum among Japanese graduate schools that provide studies on international research.

Department of International Politics

Academic Excellence

The Department of International Politics provides two courses. The first is the Foreign Affairs/Security Course, in which students can learn about international politics through such fields as international security, area studies, history of foreign affairs, and international law. The second is the Global Governance Course, which aims to nurture individuals who can succeed in the international arena and are equipped with the knowledge to address global issues, such as the global environment. For the Foreign Affairs/Security Course, students are instructed by a wide variety of faculty, such as those who have gained work experience, researchers, and theorists. For the Global Governance Course, there are numerous courses on topics such as international systems, international organizations, the global environment and NGOs, as well as courses on the relationship between international politics and international finance and trade.

Department of International Economics

Academic Excellence

In the Department of International Economics, students master both theoretical and practical analytical skills for understanding issues in international economics, and come to systematically understand related fields of study. The courses provided are (1) economic theories/statistics, (2) international trade/finance, and (3) economic development (including the environment). Furthermore, we not only provide courses on international economics in general, but also on the Japanese economy, emerging economies, and the economies of the Korean Peninsula, China, and other Asian nations.

Department of International Communication

Academic Excellence

The educational/research program of the Department of International Communication consists of three areas: (1) local culture/comparative culture, (2) linguistics, and (3) communication studies. Furthermore, each of these areas is linked to the other two, enabling interdisciplinary and multifaceted learning. Faculty help students conduct unique research through seminars.

Global Expert Program

The Global Expert Program in the Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication provides a practical education related to conflict resolution and international cooperation for its second-year students by offering contacts with practitioners, training opportunities at partner universities, and internships at NGOs and other international organizations.

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