Department of Marketing

Students breathe abundant culture and artistic sense into businesses by incorporating their dreams regarding products and services.

What is the key to selling products and services? The role of marketing is to create mechanisms to sell these things. However, in today's markets, selling products and services is more than just selling. Marketing has evolved to the point that buyers perceive value in the cultural and artistic sense attached to products and services. This value is what fulfills our dreams. The Department of Marketing seeks to research new types of marketing for selling these types of dreams which help bring happiness to everyone. What does it mean to dream, and what is real contentment? As a field of study, our aim is to systematize the mechanism behind the creation of such marketing and to establish "Aoyama Marketing" based on the concept of integrated marketing communication. A large number of brand shops, foreign companies and creative companies are located in and around the vicinity of the Aoyama Campus, which is one of the most creative areas in Japan. This provides an educational environment that is extremely well-suited for studying marketing while obtaining knowledge on the latest trends in culture, information and art.

Campus of Attendance

First Year to Fourth Year :


Lists core subjects and specialized subjects of the Department of Marketing

Required Credits for Graduation / 124 Credits
Key Subjects
Category Subjects
A: Basics Subjects (required compulsory) 1st year
・Marketing Basics A,B
・Marketing I,II
B: Core Subjects (required electives) 1st year
・Introduction to Accounting I,II
・Introduction to Microeconomics I,II
・Introduction to Business Administration A,B
・Introduction to Finance

2nd year
・Management I,II
・Business Strategy I,II
・Organization Theory I,II
・Financial Accounting I,II
・Managerial Accounting I,II
・Intermediate Bookkeeping I,II
・Cost Accounting I,II
・Marketing Basics C,D
・Marketing Channels I,II

Specialized Subjects
Category Subjects
C: Subjects Related to Global Business (required electives) ・International Business English I,II
・Global Communication I,II
・Organizational Management A,B
・International Trade I,II
・Global Cultural Awareness I,II
・Academic Presentation
・Effective Negotiation
・Effective Speech
・Written Agreements
・Entrepreneurial Management I,II
・International Business I,II
・International Marketing
・International Cultural Seminar I,II
・Global Fashion Studies I,II
・British Society I,II
・Cultures and Societies in the English-speaking World I,II
・State of affairs in the Korean Peninsula I,II
・The World’s Languages and Cultures I,II
・Peace and Democratic Society I,II
D: Subjects Related to Business Administration (required electives) 《Subjects Related to Strategy/Management》

1st year
・Introduction to Fundamental Analysis for Business Data Analysis I,II
・Introduction to Linear Algebra for Business Data Analysis I,II
・Information and Computer Network Literacy

2nd year
・Business Information I,II
・Corporate Strategy and Policy I,II
・Global Comparative Management A,B
・Career Design I,II
・Business History A,B
・Supply Chain Planning & Design Methods A,B
・Global Product and Service Strategy I,II

3rd and 4th year
・Applied Business Data Analysis I,II
・Supply Chain Management A,B
・Business Innovation
・Customer and Market Creation Strategy
・Human Resources Management I,II
・Management Science I,II
・Multidimensional Analysis on Human Behavior A,B
・Competitive Strategy I,II
・Advanced Strategy and Management A,B
・Corporate Law and Practice I,II
・Venture Management
・Management of Industrial Health and Safety
・Health Care Management

《Subjects Related to Accounting/Finance》

2nd year
・Business Analysis
・Investments I,II
・Business Game for Accounting
・International Accounting I,II
・Legal Financial Accounting A,B
・Strategic Management Accounting I,II

3rd and 4th year
・Financial Consulting I,II
・Accounting Information Theory I,II
・Corporate Valuation I,II
・Positive Accounting Theory I,II
・Financial Analysis I,II
・Auditing I,II
・Tax Accounting I,II
・Managerial Decision-making
・Performance Measurement And Management Control
・Advanced Accounting and Finance A,B
E: Subjects Related to Marketing (required electives) 1st year
・Sport Management I,II

2nd year
・Marketing Workshop A~F
・Statistics A,B
・Statistical Survey I,II
・Marketing Research
・Business Economics A,B
・Finance I,II
・Special Issues in Marketing A
・Basic Seminar on Business I,II

3rd and 4th year
・Special Issues in Marketing B~E
・Public Policy A,B
・Macromarketing A,B
・Marketing Data Analytics A,B
・Advertising Communication
・Services Marketing
・Social Marketing
・Relationship Marketing
・Brand Management
・Consumer Behavior A,B
・Corporate Finance I,II
・Risk Management I,II
・Transportation I,II
・Market and Business Environment
・Seminar on Business I(1),(2)
・Seminar on Business II(1),(2)
The Aoyama Standard Subjects
1st - 4th year :

A school-wide universal education system where experts in wide-ranging academic fields transcending the framework of colleges/schools and departments stimulate interest in learning and provide guidance.

Foreign Language Subjects
[ 1st Foreign Language ] 1st year :

Intensive English A,B, Comprehensive English A,B

2nd year :

Intensive English C,D, Comprehensive English C,D

Free Elective Subjects
1st - 4th year :

Students are free to choose a variety of inner departmental subjects, university-wide standard subjects, foreign language subjects (take at least minimum credits required), and subjects offered by other schools at the university.