Research Highlights

Research Highlights

Cutting-edge Research in Science & Technology

  • World class Astrophysics

    Participated in the Hitomi spacecraft mission

  • A leading Nano-technology research center

    With 400kV High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope and other valuable instruments that drive research collaboration both within the academic world and industry

  • Government sponsored R&D

    Next generation of health and lifestyle devices

Connecting with the Global Academic Community

AGU hosts academic conferences with prominent guest speakers from both home and abroad and offers a great opportunity for students to ask big questions to the great minds.

  • OECD International symposium on food credence attributes “How can we design policies to meet consumer demand?” (2017)
  • Biennial conference on “International Politics in East Asia” co-hosted with Tsinghua University (China, 2012), Seoul National University (Korea, 2014), Taiwan National University (2016)
  • “Roland Barthes, l’écriture et la vie »Symposium for 100th Anniversary of the birth of Roland Barthes (2015)