Scholarships & Financial Aid

There are various types of scholarships for international students, AGU’s own scholarship system and extracurricular scholarships.
Academic Fees and Scholarships Division, Student Affairs and Welfare Department (Aoyama campus)/Student Affairs and Welfare Division (Sagamihara campus) mainly handle scholarships at AGU, and the International Center searches for students for some of the scholarships. Application and qualification depend on the scholarships/year.

Every year, approximately 50% of undergraduate and 70% of graduate-international students receive some kind of scholarship, including AGU Industry-University Collaborative Global Scholarship.

Scholarships at AGU

The following is AGU’s own scholarship system.

AGU Industry-University Collaborative Global Scholarship for International Students

Eligibility for application Undergraduate/Graduate international students with the student visa
Scholarship Amount [Undergraduate/Graduate 1st year students and Doctorial Course students] 300,000yen for 1 year
[Undergraduate 2nd ~ 4th year students, Master’s Degree/Master’s Course students after 2nd year] 300,000yen/500,000yen for 1 year
Number of Applicants Unlimited
Number of Successful Applicants 239 students (AY 2022)
Application Period May ~ June ( Enrollees in September )
September ~ October ( Enrollees in April )
Payment Period 1 year
Target of the Scholarship For those who have excellent academic achievements and personal characteristics

Other scholarship programs

offered by external organizations

Extracurricular scholarships/recommendation (AGU will select students)

The following scholarships are established by private educational institutions (scholarship foundations, etc.) with various purposes/aims.

Apply for Scholarships at the Academic Fees and Scholarships Division (Aoyama campus)/ Student Affairs and Welfare Division (Sagamihara campus)

The Academic Fees and Scholarships Division (Aoyama campus) / Student Affairs and Welfare Division (Sagamihara campus) handles a number of scholarships for degree-seeking international students offered by external organization, such as private foundations and companies. Some of them requires the registration process at Academic Fees and Scholarships Division, in order to apply. For more information, students should refer to "Financial Aid" page on AGU Student Portal Site.

Apply for Scholarships at the International Center (Aoyama campus)/ Student Affairs and Welfare Division (Sagamihara campus)

Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International STudents

Eligibility for Application Undergraduate/Graduate students
Scholarship Amount Undergraduate: 48,000yen per month
Graduate: 48,000yen per month
Number of Successful Applicants 29 students (AY 2022)
Application Period April – May
Payment Period 1 year/6 months (if there are additional applications)
Purpose of the Scholarship This is a scholarship by JASSO, and the purpose is to support international students who are financing their tuition privately with excellent academic scores and character records and are facing financial difficulties.

Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship-Research Students

Eligibility for Application ・Graduate students
・Those who have a nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government.
・Under the age of 35
Scholarship Amount Graduate: 143,000 ~ 148,000yen per month for tuition, travel expenses
Number of Successful Applicants 2 students (AY 2023)
2 students (AY 2024)
Application Period August – September of the previous year for which you will be awarded
Payment Period During the minimum length of the regular course
Purpose of the Scholarship This is a scholarship by the Japanese government (Monbukagausho: MEXT). Selection is conducted by the local embassy and the MEXT.
Notes Not eligible to apply if you were granted other scholarships.

Notes for Internatinal Students

International students whose tuitions are paid for by national expenses/a foreign government/scholarship organizations cannot apply for the internal scholarships. Please confirm the conditions for application with each scholarships as it depends on which college/graduate school and year you belong to.
In principle, Aoyama Gakuin University will accept applications from privately financed international students after entering the university. However, it is difficult to receive scholarships immediately after enrollment, so it is required to secure the necessary expenses to study abroad by yourself.

Receiving tuition exemption due to taking a leave of absence for military service

With a purpose of supporting students to keep studying, AGU provides a system for international students with a student status of residence to receive tuition exemption during the period they need to take a leave of absence due to military service in their home country (1 time only during enrollment in AGU, maximum for 2 years).

If you wish to apply a leave of absence and tuition exemption due to military service, please consult with the International Center.