Many international students at AGU live in privately rented condominiums or apartments. We do not offer rentals, but we can introduce relatively inexpensive accommodations through Aoyama Gakuin Campus Shop Real Estate Team.
In addition, the International Center will post any information on accommodations for international students by local governments and various organizations, etc.
Please refer to the student portal and bulletin board.

Private Rentals(Condominiums/Apartments)

The rent of private rentals varies depending on the location and the condition of the building.
When searching for accommodations we recommend that you go with someone such as your guarantor(s) and/or Japanese friends who are familiar with the Japanese housing situation.
AGU can help international students with searching for accommodations through Aoyama Gakuin Campus Shop Real Estate Team.

Aoyama gakuin Kobaikai(Real Estate Team)

You can search for accommodations/intermediaries affiliated with AGU on the Campus Shop website.

Contact Information Aoyama Gakuin Campus Shop Real Estate Team
Location Aoyama Campus: Building 1, 1st Floor
Sagamihara Campus: Building G, 1st floor
*Mid-February through Mid-March: A special site will be set on each campuses
Hours 10:00am ~ 17:00pm (except for Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
TEL 03-3409-0378
URL Japanese only)

*Some of the real estate agents who you can ask for more details about at Aoyama Gakuin Kobaikai (Real Estate Team) are as follows:





Accommodations which you can only apply for through AGU

Program to accept international students at corporate dormitories(Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network for Foreign Students)
This is a program of private companies which voluntary accept international students to their corporate dormitories under the same condition as their employees.
Unlike private rentals (condominiums and apartments), you are required to live in accordance to the rules of each dormitory. Corporate dormitory rent costs are low compared to private rentals. The caretaker lives permanently at the building, so the building and the common areas are always kept clean. Applications will be posted on the student portal and bulletin board.

Accommodations which you can apply for directly

The followings are accommodations for international students. Please check with them directly for information on application procedures.

Tokyo Ota Kinenkan

*Applications are accepted once per year. The International Center on each campus will fill in the recommendation field in the application form.

Asia Bunka Kaikan

MIDORI Foreign Students House For rent

*Limited to female international students and female students enrolled in universities or graduate schools.

TAMA ESTY Student Housing