Chat Room

For International Students

About the Chat Room

The Chat room was established to provide students of Aoyama Gakuin with the opportunity to have cultural exchange, by communicating in foreign languages (English, Korean, Chinese, etc.)with international students enrolled at Aoyama Gakuin, called Chat Leaders.
Japanese Chat sessions for international students are also provided.

Chat Sessions

At the Chat Room, students can enjoy talking with “Chat Leaders” in various different languages.
In group sessions, one Chat Leader will host up to six Japanese students, and they can exchange thoughts and opinions to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and countries.

In One on One sessions, one Chat Leader will sit with one Japanese student, and they would have time to have a deeper conversation.
In addition to learning about the cultures and customs of the Chat Leaders, Japanese students share Japanese culture with the international students.


The Chat Room not only provides English sessions, but also Chinese and Korean sessions on a regular basis.
Depending on the term, other language sessions like French, German, Italian etc. are offered depending on the demand from the students and availability of Chat Leaders.

Japanese Chat Room

“Japanese Chat Room” is designed for those who want to improve their Japanese conversation skills.

Eligibility All international students learning at Aoyama Gakuin University
Fee Free
Levels Basic/Intermediate/Advanced
Date&Time Every Friday 12:35-13:15(Aoyama)
Every Wednesday 15:00-15:40(Sagamihara)
Sign up At the chat room counter
Topics Culture, Food, Hobbies, Sports, Movie, etc.
Location(Aoyama Campus) Building 7, 1st floor
Location(Sagamihara Campus) Sagamihara Campus:Building F, 1st floor
Contact us Aoyama Campus
Sagamihara Campus

Other Sessions

In addition to the University Chat sessions, the Chat Room offers sessions to students of AGU High school, Junior High School, Elementary School, as well as staff at AGU.