College of Science and Engineering

College of Science and Engineering

Promoting world-class, cutting-edge research covering a wide area of science and engineering.

Department of Physics and Mathematics

The Department of Physics and Mathematics provides quality education in a wide range of disciplines, ranging from applied physics and its technology-related fields to pure mathematics. A wide variety of career opportunities can be found for graduates of physics and mathematics degree programs who benefit from the quantitative and analytical skills of mathematics and from an understanding of the fundamental law of nature behind science and technology.

Department of Chemistry and Biological Science

Students research the structure and nature of substances and closely examine the wonders of life phenomena.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

World-class technological innovation begins by studying the principles of how familiar machines operate.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

What kind of manufacturing will sustain the 21st century? We merge hardware and software expertise to increase possibilities for the future.

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Students strive to develop systems that innovate "business administration" by merging an engineering perspective with knowledge of the social sciences.

Department of Integrated Information Technology

Students conduct research on technology that is friendly to human beings by merging and accumulating wisdom about information and knowledge.

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