Program Detail (School of Global Studies and Collaboration)


Please refer to “Information on the Exchange Student Program (PDF)” for more details.

Japan Studies Courses

The Japan Studies Courses offer a variety of programs that allow students to immerse themselves in Japan together with their domestic counterparts. Students can choose from a selection of courses covering business, culture, history, sociology, and spatial information, where they will learn from a collection of renowned researchers, artists, and policy analysts about issues in each field. Some of the courses provide opportunities for hands-on experiences of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, from Noh and Kabuki to pop culture and robotics, inside and outside of the classroom.

Japan Studies Courses

GSC Courses

GSC takes an interdisciplinary curricular approach based on the broad field of the social sciences. This interdisciplinary curriculum ensures that students receive broad-based social science instruction that can be utilized in a wide variety of fields. Experienced practitioners teach students so they can integrate theories into professional practice for solving today’s social problems and improve the global community through project-based learning activities.

Japan Language Courses

AGU offers Japanese language courses for beginners to advanced students as follows. The course does not require any Japanese language proficiency at the time of admission. Japanese and Japanese Culture & Society are taken according to levels. The levels are decided based on the Placement Test result and application documents. These courses are offered under undergraduate courses. Please note that AGU does not have a separate Language Center.

・Japanese (A), (B), (C), (D) (日本語) : 4 classes per week (1 credit each) *compulsory*
・Japanese Culture & Society (日本事情) : 1 class per week (2 credits) *compulsory*
・Japanology (A), (B), (日本学) : 1 class per week (2 credits) *elective*



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