Department of Community Studies

Our graduates serve as human resources who have the abilities needed to engage and solve local problems both as specialists and as members of the local community; are equipped with specialist knowledge and experience that enable the fostering of such abilities, which will be vital to future community building; and possess the practical knowledge required of them in the workplace.

Our five educational programs which foster human resources capable of undertaking vitalization efforts in local society, as well as our collaborations with municipal governments, NPOs and various facilities throughout the nation, provide opportunities for students to work with and experience the efforts of people who develop communities and community activities, and thus foster, through a hands-on community learning approach, the skills needed to develop regional vitalization plans and measures. This approach cultivates new types of people who are capable of closely connecting their community lives and work-related lives in order to make direct contributions to the vitalization of local society.

Campus of Attendance

First Year to Fourth Year :


The list of major subjects of respective program

Required Credits for Graduation / 124 Credits
Specialized Subjects (Required Elective)
Category Subjects
Child / youth activity support program 1st – 4th year

  • Assistance to Children’s Activities
  • Assistance to Young Adult’s Activities
  • Growth of Children in Local Community
  • Development and Health of Children
  • Psychology of Children

2nd and 4th year

  • Assistance for Mentors in Early Child Education
  • Community Facilities Supporting Young Adult’s Activities
  • Reading Assistance for Children and Young Adults
  • Community Bodies Supporting Young Adult’s Activities

3rd and 4th year

  • Child Poverty and Social Care
  • Free School Activities
  • Administrative Support for Development of the Future Generation
  • Experiential Activities for Children
  • Experiential Activities on Nature for Young Adults
  • Experiential Activities on Art and Culture for Young Adults
  • Home-Welfare for Children
  • Sports Activities for Young Adults
Women’s activity support program 1st – 4th year

  • Assistance for Women’s Activities
  • Educational System for Women
  • Career Education for Women
  • Community Organization Supporting Women’s Learning
  • Assistance for Home Education

2nd and 4th year

  • Psychology of Women
  • Study of Work-Life Balance
  • Family and Child-Care in Local Community
  • Gender Issues in Local Community

3rd and 4th year

  • Activities of Parent-Teacher Association
  • Women’s Social Activities
  • Law and Citizens
  • Women and Christianity
  • Women and Social Movement
  • Women and Political Participation
  • Women and Labor
  • Women in Texts and Descriptions
Community activity support program 1st – 4th year

  • Assistance for Local Community Activities
  • Welfare in Local Community
  • Promotion of Life-Long Learning in Local Community
  • Planning of Social Education in Local Community I
  • Planning of Social Education in Local Community II

2nd and 4th year

  • Sociology on Educational Profession in Local Community
  • Library Activities in Local Community
  • Museum Activities in Local Community
  • Education on Local Community Welfare

3rd and 4th year

  • Study on Non-Profit Organization
  • Welfare for the Disabled in Local Community
  • Welfare for the Elderly in Local Community
  • Psychology of the Elderly
  • Psychology of the Disabled
  • Study on Volunteer Activities
  • Management of Sports Activities in Local Community
  • Study on Instruction of Sports Activities
Community resource inheritance program 1st – 4th year

  • Succession of Culture and Heritage in Local Community
  • Succession of Information and Materials in Local Community
  • Generation of Local Cultural Resources
  • Facilities for Succession of Information and Materials in Local Community
  • Facilities for Succession of Culture and Heritage in Local Community

2nd and 4th year

  • Study on Local Community Archives
  • Introduction to Local Information Resources
  • Introduction to Local Cultural Resources
  • Collection Development of Local Information and Materials

3rd and 4th year

  • Searching of Local Information Resources
  • Handling of Local Cultural Resources
  • Publishing and Information Distribution in Local Community
  • Preservation of Local Cultural Resources
  • Study on Digital Archive
  • Study on Volunteer Activities
  • Development of Local Community Archives I
  • Development of Local Community Archives II
Community creation planning program 1st – 4th year

  • Planning and Creation of Local Community
  • Systems of Education and Culture in Local Authorities
  • History of Policies on Education and Culture in Local Authorities
  • Social Science and Local Community
  • Development of Local Community and Learning Ability of Citizens

2nd and 4th year

  • Study on Local Community Symbiosis
  • Economic System in Local Community
  • Culture of Minority Groups
  • Sociology on Education and Local Community

3rd and 4th year

  • Comparative Education in Local Community
  • Library Management in Local Community
  • Museum Management in Local Community
  • Philosophy of Normalization
  • The Disadvantaged in Economic System
  • Study on Development of Citizenship
  • Cross-Cultural Symbiosis in Local Community
  • Symbiosis of Natural Environment in Local Community
The Aoyama Standard Subjects
1st - 4th year :

School-wide universal education system where experts in wide-ranging academic fields transcending the framework of colleges/schools and departments stimulate interest in learning and provide guidance.

Foreign Language Required Subjects
1st year :

English Reading I and II, English Communication I and II

2nd year :

English Reading III and IV, English Communication III and IV

3rd year :

English Reading V, English Communication V

Free Elective Subjects
1st - 4th year :

Students can freely select from Specialized Subjects within their own School, Aoyama Standard Subjects, as well as subjects offered by other colleges.