Department of Human Rights

Toward a society where people are respected

This is the first academic program in Japan where students can learn about human rights, essential for people to be able to live as human beings, from the perspective of legal studies and other academic fields. We take a straight look at human rights issues in society, and conduct education for students to acquire the logical thinking skills and specialized knowledge to understand and solve these issues.

Point 1  Beyond the sphere of legal studies
In order to understand and resolve the various human rights issues in society, it is important to not only study law, but also to take a multifaceted approach from a broader perspective. We offer subjects in adjacent social science fields such as political science, economics, sociology, and public policy, so that students acquire the ability to deal with human rights-related social issues and systems in an interdisciplinary manner.

Point 2  Beyond the sphere of the classroom
Classes use documentary videos to illustrate human rights issues. Students also learn to analyze real situations through actual fieldwork related to human rights issues, practical classes where they participate in the real planning and implementation of policies at ministries and agencies, and classes on analyzing data in order to understand the current state of human rights issues.

Point 3  Beyond the sphere of Japan
We offer classes in English on challenges and initiatives in other countries and regions regarding the relationship between human rights issues and law, as well as classes on the culture and history of other countries and regions, and overseas study at universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and elsewhere. Rather than confining their opinions to Japan, students take a broader perspective and develop the ability to act independently and proactively.

Campus of Attendance

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Required Credits for Graduation / 132 Credits