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The Faculty of Law curriculum, that centers on the six basic codes, covers a broad range of stimulating subjects closely tailored to social trends. The faculty offers greater subject variety than other universities, including a number of extended and advanced subjects in areas such as Criminal Policy, NPO and Corporate Law; foreign legal subjects such as American Law and EU Law; and international legal subjects such as International Labor Law and International Human Rights Law. In the first and second years (semesters 1-4), students complete eight introductory subjects that provide the basic mind for ongoing legal studies, along with a selection of elective subjects in particular areas of interest. In the second year, students must choose one of the four courses (Business Law Course, Human Rights Course, Public Policy Course, Legal Profession Course) corresponding to their future career aspirations. Students are required to complete a full complement of specialized elective subjects in their chosen course, and are also given opportunities to take Introductory Seminers and Intensive Seminers to pursue their own research in the third and fourth years (semesters 5-8). The faculty provides many English classes both on campus and in overseas training program. AOYAMA LAW provides comprehensive legal training with a global perspective, covering everything from fundamental principles through to highly advanced legal applications.

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Required Credits for Graduation / 132 Credits