Department of French Language and Literature

Department of French Language and Literature

Students master the French language through practical training in the classroom and come to understand the essence of French culture and cultivate abundant sensitivity.

French philosophy, thought and literature, which play a central role in European culture, greatly impact cultures from all over the world, including Japan. Furthermore, influences of French culture can be seen in many aspects of Japanese daily life, such as fashion, food, interior design, etc.

To conduct in-depth research on the fundamental thoughts and artistic expressions behind them enables us to review our own selves, and to comparatively review Japanese culture. It also should become food for students to gain a different perspective, as well as a flexible thought pattern and sensitivity. The Department has prepared a learning environment in which classes are comprise only a few students so that both beginners and advanced learners of French may take part. This learning environment enables students to cultivate their practical speaking and communication abilities, and to pursue further studies by selecting one of three areas: French literature, language and culture. Interesting exercises and special lectures are given by both Japanese and French faculty. The curriculum opens a path for pursuing overseas study in France or for becoming instructors of the French language.

Campus of Attendance

First Year to Fourth Year :


Lists specialized subjects (required electives)

Required Credits for Graduation / 128 Credits
Specialized Subjects
Course Subjects
Required Courses 1st year

  • French Culture and Society

2nd year

  • Intensive Reading in French
  • Extensive Reading in French
  • Exercises ll
  • Composition in French l
  • Oral Expression
  • History of French Literature l
Required Courses 3rd and 4th year

  • History of French Literature ll
  • Introduction to the French Language
  • History of the French Language
  • Seminar in Reading (1)~(6)
  • Literary Explanation (A) (B)
  • Oral Communication l,ll,lll
  • Composition in French ll
  • Contemporary French
  • Business French

4th year

  • Composition in French lll
[Literature Area]
3rd and 4th year

  • Lecture on French Literature, Seminar in French Literature (1)~(8)
  • Seminar in French Literature (1)~(12)
[Language Area]
3rd and 4th year

  • Lecture on French Linguistics, Seminar in French Linguistics (1)~(3)
  • Seminar in French Linguistics (1)~(4)
[Culture Area]
3rd and 4th year

  • Lecture on French Culture, Seminar
    in French Culture(1) (2)
  • Seminar in French Culture (1) (2)
The Aoyama Standard Subjects
1st - 4th year :

School-wide universal education system where experts in wide-ranging academic fields transcending the framework of colleges/schools and departments stimulate interest in learning and provide guidance.

Free Elective Subjects
1st - 4th year :

Students can freely select from departmental subjects, Aoyama Standard Subjects, Universal Subjects in the College of Literature, subjects in other departments of the College of Literature, as well as subjects offered by other colleges.