2nd Meet Up Café at Aoyama Campus





2nd Meet Up Café at Aoyama Campus


On Monday, May 13, the 2nd “Meet Up Café” was held at International Commons, located on 1F in Building 7. Though it was a rainy day, a total of about 70 students, including Japanese and international students, came to the event.

The students were divided into small groups where they introduced each other with ice breaking sessions. After that, was a free talk period where students enjoyed having conversations with both good friends and new friends. Not only were there groups that enjoyed talking over some snacks and drinks, but there were groups that enjoyed games together like UNO and darts.

The free talk period was for 1 hour, but time flies when people are having fun. Even after the event finished, there were many students who left International Commons in groups, continuing their conversation from the event.

International Commons will be holding the “Meet Up Café” twice a month for exchange opportunities of international and Japanese students.
The next “Meet Up Café” is scheduled on Friday, May 31. We will be waiting for you to join us then.