IPJS(International Program for Japan Studies/国際日本研究プログラム)

Japan Studies at AGU – Beyond Cool Welcome to AGU! ようこそ!

New! Classes begin FALL 2022 at Aoyama campus!!

Japan Studies at AGU – Beyond Cool is an exciting new interdisciplinary program balancing the trendy “Cool Japan” with the substance of the “Real Japan.” It is offered at the main Aoyama campus in the heart of Tokyo, with some classes offered at the Sagamihara campus as well. The IPJS program is a program that offers international exchange students an opportunity to take academic courses that focus on Japan’s vital role in the world today and its unique contributions to global culture throughout history. The IPJS course list is provided at the beginning of the semester during the course registration orientation for the exchange students.

A challenging and diverse range of prospective IPJS courses are:

Japanese Language(from beginner to advanced), Japanology, “Exploring Shibuya,” Introduction to Politics, Gender and the Law in Japan, Classical Japanese Poetry, The History of Media, Intercultural Literacy, “Abenomics,” Manga and Anime in the Media Mix, Resilience in the Wake of 3.11, Issues in Contemporary Japanese Society, Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature in Translation, Japanese Film, the History of Christianity in Japan, and more…

Interviews with Students:Japanese Culture in our Eyes

Just the FAQs…

What is the IPJS program?

IPJS contains a course open only to international exchange students, “Japanology,” AGU’s introduction to Japan Studies. IPJS students can also choose from diverse elective courses that range across the humanities and sciences, and study in classes with other international as well as Japanese students. Students choose the elective courses that best suit their individual interests and backgrounds.

  1. Do I need to know Japanese?

    Aside from language classes, which are optional, IPJS courses are taught exclusively in English. Those who wish to take classes in Japanese, it is recommended passing N2 or N1 of the JLPT and obtain instructor permission.

  2. Can I get credit for classes taken at AGU in IPJS?

    IPJS students earn credits for each course, and upon request, receive a certificate of completion at the end of the IPJS program. Students are required to take a minimum of 14 credits per semester (28 per year) and present their research in a final poster presentation.

  3. Who can apply?

    International students at AGU’s partner universities are welcome! Since classes are in English, test scores (or the equivalent) of IELTS 5.5 (TOEFL 68) are needed for non-native English speakers. Please be noted that IPJS is offered only at Aoyama campus at this point.

  4. How do I apply?

    Download the application materials from the link below. Be sure to specify your interest in the IPJS program on the online application form. Attach the required documents to your application, and submit it by the deadline.

  5. What documents will I need to apply?

    Just submit the same documents as any other exchange student. Submit the application form. Other documents, depending on your country, might include language test score reports.

  6. How much does it cost?

    Since you attend as an exchange student, you pay tuition as usual to your home institution only. Extra costs would depend on the kind of housing you choose (off-campus dormitories or other housing options), train commute expenses, books and supplies, as well as living expenses.

Research Outcomes by Students

Here are some research papers about Japan written by International Students who have taken IPJS courses.


IPJS Course List