After Arriving


Please participate in the orientation week after arrival. It is held before classes start. Also, such important topics as procedures on settling in as well as about course registration will be explained. Course registration will be done after arrival during designated course registration period. Students will also have a chance to meet with tutors and be introduced to facilities on campus. For the details of the orientation, it will be noticed along with “Welcome Packet”, sent to your home university after acceptance.

Residence Permit

Students entering Japan with the student visa status will be issued Residence Card (zairyu-card) on arrival at airports. The immigration law requires all foreign nationals staying in Japan for more than 3 months to have this card. Please carry it with you at all times.
Students must also complete move-in procedures at the municipal offices in which you reside. This procedure, which is free of charge, must be completed within 14 days of moving in. Students are advised to register as soon as possible after settling in.

Health Insurance

【National Health Insurance】
All students are required to enter National Health Insurance (NHI). Foreigners staying in Japan for more than 3 months have to register for the NHI at local municipal offices. The insurance premium has to be paid monthly once registration is completed. The price varies but the annual premium is approximately 20,000yen.
This medical insurance system is to lessen burden on medical cost. NHI covers 70 percent of your medical expenses and you pay the remainder (30 percent). NHI does not cover the following: acupuncture treatment, normal childbirth, traffic accidents (if the person responsible is known), general health check-ups, cosmetic surgery and similar cases. Also, NHI does not cover fees for private rooms or the like during hospitalization.

【Student Academic Insurance Against Accidental Injury】
This program provides insurance coverage for students who suffer an accident while attending a class, school event or extracurricular activity. If you are injured in an accident while enrolled in AGU, you will receive compensation under the Student Academic Insurance. The insurance program covers accidents occurring in the following circumstances:
◆During a class as part of your regular curriculum
◆During a university event
◆During an extracurricular activity conducted outside the university with the permission of university
◆Traveling to or from the university
◆Traveling between facilities on the university premises
The insurance payout is commensurate with the extent of injury.

【Overseas Travel Insurance】
It is highly recommended that you purchase appropriate International Insurance that covers through your study period in Japan, at your home country before departure. AGU does not insure you against illness, personal risks or accidental death, which are not covered by Student Academic Insurance Against Accidental Injury.
You are responsible for your own safety and that of others both within and outside the university and must follow AGU’s safety rules and regulations.

Clubs and Circles

Aoyama Gakuin University offers a variety of extra-curricular activities to enrich student life. At AGU, there are two kinds of such activities. One is the athletic clubs which aim at intramural competitions. Training in these clubs is rigorous and participants often have to sacrifice their study hours in order to keep up with the training.
The other type is ‘circles’. This is more hobby-like gatherings. At the beginning of the Spring semester, there is a day set for all the Clubs and Circles to encourage new students to join. Some clubs and circles may admit new students to join from the middle of the year. For more information, please refer to Extracurricular Activities.

Extracurricular Activities

Work Permit

If planning to work part-time, “Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” must be obtained from the Immigration Service Agency. Permission will be granted as long as the work does not interfere with your studies – up to 28 hours a week (Maximum 8 hours a day). Students who work with the part-time work permit are NOT allowed to work at entertainment and amusement businesses such as nightclub, bar, mahjong house, Pachinko house, Game Arcade and other sex-related businesses. For more detailes, please refer to the website of Immigration Service Agency.

Immigration Service Agency