‘Meet Up Café Board-Game Evening’ Held





‘Meet Up Café Board-Game Evening’ Held


On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the 5th 'Meet Up Café' was held at the International Commons on the 1st floor of Building 7, Aoyama Campus.
This time, as a special edition, the event was held as a 'Board-Game Evening' aimed at interaction through various board games, with about 45 students participating.

At each table, there were card games like UNO and playing cards, easily enjoyable games like Nanja Monja and Jenga, and sports games like darts and table tennis, through which both international and domestic students were seen enjoying a variety of games.

This time, the Korean board game 'Yutnori' was also available, providing students with the opportunity to learn about a new game while experiencing a different culture, which was greatly enjoyed by all.

At the International Commons, the 'Meet Up Café' event aimed at international exchange between foreign students and domestic students is held about twice a month.
The next event will be the last one for this semester. It is scheduled for Thursday, July 4th, with a special exchange event planned. We look forward to the participation of everyone from Aoyama Campus and all international students.