‘Meet Up Café Fan making’ Held





‘Meet Up Café Fan making’ Held


On Thursday, July 4, 2024, the 6th 'Meet Up Café' was held at 'International Commons' on the 1st floor of Building 7, Aoyama Campus.
For the last Meet Up Café of the first half of the 2024 academic year, about 50 international and local students gathered for the 'fan making' event.

Students were seen decorating the provided plain fans in various ways. In addition to writing and painting, students created their original fans by cutting and pasting the provided origami and Japanese paper into shapes of their liking.

Furthermore, students were seen taking photos with their handmade fans at a photo spot set up inside the Commons, making it a memorable event for international students returning home after the first half of the 2024 academic year.

At International Commons, the 'Meet Up Café' event aimed at international exchange between foreign students and local students is held about twice a month.
Although the events for the first half of the 2024 academic year have concluded, various events are planned for the second half after the summer vacation. We look forward to your participation.