1st Meet Up Café 2024 at Aoyama Campus





1st Meet Up Café 2024 at Aoyama Campus


On Thursday, April 25, the 1st “Meet Up Café” was held at International Commons, located on 1F in Building 7. “Meet Up Café” is a social event for international and regular students. To commemorate Global Lounge and Chat Room being renewed as International Commons, the event started off with a brief presentation about the facilities and the staff members, which was followed by donuts and drinks being served.

At International Commons, various games are available for students to use as communication tools, and some of the international students and regular students enjoyed playing darts and games of chess. Approximately 100 students participated in the event (50 international students and 50 regular students), and many of them enjoyed talking with each other so much that they were hesitant to leave when the event time was over. The 2nd “Meet Up Café” is scheduled on Monday, May 13.