Class Periods

Period Time
1 9:00 a.m〜10:30 a.m
Worship 10:30 a.m〜11:00 a.m
2 11:00 a.m〜12:30 p.m
Lunch 12:30 p.m〜1:20 p.m
Period Time
3 1:20 p.m〜2:50 p.m
4 3:05 p.m〜4:35 p.m
5 4:50 p.m〜6:20 p.m
6 6:30 p.m〜8:00 p.m
7 8:10 p.m〜9:40 p.m

Exams and Papers

1. Types of Examinations

【Regular examinations】

Regular exams are held during the specified period at each semester end or at the end of the academic year designated in each year’s academic calendar. Details of the exam schedule are announced about two weeks prior to the start of the exam period via the student portal site.
This schedule may be subject to change, so students should refrain from planning trips or other activities until the exam period is completely over.

【In-class examinations】

These exams are administered during regular class hours. The date and form of the exam will be announced, either in class or by course power. It may be announced on a Student Portal.

【Makeup examinations】

Makeup exams are given to students who missed any of the exams during the regular examination period due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances.

1. Those who wish to take a makeup examination must apply through the Academic Affairs Office by submitting the designated Makeup Examination Application Form and an official document certifying the reason for the absence. Makeup examinations will not be available to students who use transport other than public transit systems and miss or are late for regular examinations due to reasons such as weather conditions, public traffic congestion, or vehicle breakdown. Students must apply during the designated application period. Exchange students are advised to consult the International Exchange Center office for instructions.
2. No makeup examination will be given to those who were absent during the regular examination period due to their own carelessness, or to those who are unable to produce official certification.
3. The acceptable reasons for absence and documents required for application are as follows.

Reason for absence Document necessary for application
Illness Physician’s diagnosis
Death of parent,grandparent, or sibling Official document certifying death
Job interview(or examination) Official letter that certifies that the applicant has taken the interview or examination
Natural disaster(e.g., typhoon, flood, fire) “Disaster Victim Certificate” issued by the local government office
Public traffic delay Document issued by transit systems(must be reported on the same day)

2. Regulations Pertaining to Examinations

1. The examination must be taken in the designated classroom.
2. The student’s ID card must be placed on the desk for inspection by the proctor.
– Students who are unable to present their ID cards will not be permitted to take an exam.
3. Students who are more than 20 minutes late will not be permitted to take an examination. Students may leave the exam room after 30 minutes from the start of the exam.
4.Students must write their name, student ID number, department, class year, and class at the top of the answer sheet. Answer sheets without these items may be invalidated.
5. Only the answer sheets handed out by the proctor can be used.
6. All answer sheets must be handed in to the proctor. Those who do not hand in their answer sheets may be penalized for violating university regulations.
7. Students who are found cheating in exams will be severely penalized in accordance with university regulations.

3. Schedule for Regular Examinations

Period(Aoyama Campus) Time
1 9:30 a.m〜10:30 a.m
2 11:10 a.m〜12:10 p.m
3 1:10 p.m〜2:10 p.m
4 2:50 p.m〜3:50 p.m
5 4:30 p.m〜5:30 p.m
6 6:20 p.m〜7:20 p.m
7 7:40 p.m〜8:40 p.m
Period(Sagamihara Campus) Time(60min) (85min)
1 9:30 a.m〜10:30 a.m/10:55 a.m
2 11:10 a.m〜12:10 p.m/12:35 p.m
3 1:10 p.m〜2:10 p.m/2:35 p.m
4 2:50 p.m〜3:50 p.m/4:15 p.m
5 4:30 p.m〜5:30 p.m/5:55 p.m

4. Submission of Assignments

When a written report is assigned in place of an exam, students should be absolutely certain of the assigned theme, length, and deadline. The written report should be submitted by the designated deadline, at the Academic Affairs Office or via CoursePower. When submitting a report to the Academic Affairs Office, students should make sure to:

1. Use designated university draft paper or report sheets
2. Bind the submitted report with the designated cover sheet (available at Academic Affairs Office or at the university shop) and write reference number clearly on this cover sheet.
3. Having submitted the report to the Academic Affairs Office, obtain a Report Submission receipt, which should be kept carefully since it may be required to be presented later.

Grading System

1. Work done in each course is evaluated on the basis of the student’s performance in the examinations, written tests, thesis, term paper, presentations, and/or other areas.
2. Scores of 60 and above are passes. Scores of 59 and below are fails.
3. A letter grade is given based on the criteria given below.
4. Students will be issued grade reports in March and September.

Official Transcript

Official transcript will be mailed to your home university by International Center. International Center will also send 1 Grade Report (Japanese) and 1 Official Transcript (English) for yourself to be included in the mail to the university.

Grade Reports

Students can download their grade reports from the student portal on the website.

Score 100-90 89-80 79-70 69-60 59 or below Absence Passed
Official Transcript AA A B C Not lndicated **
Reported to Student ×× ×
Score 100-90 89-80 79-70 69-60 59 or below Absence Passed
Official Transcript AA A B C Not lndicated **
Reported to Student ×× ×