What Students Say

What Students Say

JapanYan Jon Fun

Department of Economics

Ever since my first year at university, I wanted to get a job in Japan. In first year I was surprised to hear how few overseas students were able to find work, but I was convinced that I would get an offer. When I actually started looking for work in third year, however, I found it much harder than I'd thought. There were so many obstacles-the written tests, the entrance sheet, the interviews, things that were really hard for a foreign student-that I started to get a bit worried. Although the entry requirements were the same for Japanese and non-Japanese students, I started going to company presentations that were specifically for non-Japanese students. I ended up going to quite a few, but things didn't go so well. Sometimes I'd get to the interview stage but I was so nervous I couldn't speak Japanese properly.

I studied interview techniques with the training video, and practiced alone on my speaking and communication skills by imagining the interview scenario. Eventually I was able to talk slowly and carefully in a real interview, and most importantly make a good impression to the interview panel.

I never knew anything about Seven Eleven Japan other than the name. Gradually however I've begun to find the work more interesting, to the point where I'm now really enthusiastic about my job. It just shows what you can achieve as a university student if you conquer your fears and try hard!

Ben Rice


AGU is tightly knit. I feel more like an AGU student than a student at my home university. The campus is small, so you don’t need to walk 5,000 miles to get between classes. It’s also easy to meet Japanese people and make friends with them. I’m learning about interesting things here. There are lots of courses here with content that interest me, and the homework load is just right, not too little, but not too much either.

Isabella Emonds


There were lots of different courses available in English, which Japanese students also take. I was really happy about the Japanese classes, the teachers were great and I was able to improve my Japanese a lot. The teachers of the English-speaking courses (especially the foreign teachers) are really competent and are really well prepared. They definitely know how to make the classes fun and interesting. Chat room also offered a great opportunity to get to know Japanese students here, to exchange culture and also make friends. And the location in Shibuya is really convenient, the campus looks beautiful in the spring!

Charlotte Jones


There are many courses to choose from, both in English and Japanese. The teachers are from all over the world and are well-knowledged on their subjects, so no two classes are the same and many of the lessons are fun. There is a large range of courses to choose from, with something for everyone.I love the location, it’s great for those who would like to experience city life. Shibuya and Harajuku are only a short walk away and transportation links are convenient. If you are a high-level Japanese learner or even a beginner, there will be a class today for you. Aoyama teaches all learners and is very accommodating.

Rhyann Fong


Being able to take classes with other Japanese students makes me feel welcomed at the University and between my peers. Many people were very kind to me and were always willing to help me out whenever I was troubled. The classrooms are all very spacious compared to my home University and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus which has a very natural feel. When I was at home, I thought I was only going to be studying and going to school. But when I got here I was able to make many friends, join a club, and participate in many different events. My time here was far better than I expected because of the growth I can see in my character and open mind.

Arina Kokubo


What I liked most was the various opportunities to meet new people and take part in culture events with international and Japanese students alike. The location of the campus allowed me and friends I made here to go out and visit various places spontaneously. AGU took care of everyone, if I had questions or any trouble with organizational matters, the ladies from the International Center, my tutor or the RA’s in the dormitory were kind and willing to help.

Johmphot Tantawichien

Management Technology Course
Graduate School of Science and Engineering:

I chose the College of Science and Engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University for its exceptional learning environment. I am thankful to the Management Technology Course for greatly enhancing my knowledge, not only in terms of the big picture, but also through in-depth investigation on the details of technological applications in engineering management. The university’s outstanding facilities helped me to focus on my studies and collaborate with other students. Furthermore, faculty provided valuable guidance, consultation, and encouragement for my studies.