Aoyama holds its 8th Exchange Session.





Aoyama holds its 8th Exchange Session.


Acceptance of exchange students, which had been suspended due to the spread of COVID-19, was resumed in September.
Many exchange students from partner universities around the world come to Japan and study at the Aoyama Campus.

In the Aoyama Gakuin Chat Room, a new Exchange Session was launched in September with the aim of increasing the number of opportunities for exchange between international and Japanese students.
At the Exchange Session, exchange students called "Ambassadors" introduce various topics in English, including their partner universities, and the cultures, societies, and hobbies of their own countries.

On December 2 the Eighth Exchange Session, the final session of the 2022 school year, was held on the Aoyama Campus. The presentations were made by exchange students from South Korea and Australia.
Each international student introduced their partner schools using many photos and videos to an audience consisting of general students.
There were also questions from students considering studying abroad in South Korea and Australia in the future, and both the presenters and the audience enjoyed some active discussions.