[Sagamihara Chat Room] Japanese Sessions for International Students (May2023)





[Sagamihara Chat Room] Japanese Sessions for International Students (May2023)


The Chat Room organizes a number of cultural events throughout the year, to provide international students with the opprtunities to socialize with Japanese students.

Origami, Manga and Traditional Japanese games were introdeced in May.

Many International students from various countries tried folding "Kabuto" using a newspaper and "Carnations" using colorful Japanese papers to celebrate "Children's Day" and "Mother's Day" in Japan, under the guidance of our Japanese Chat Leaders.

International students learned Japanese Onomatopoeia commonly used in Japanese Manga.
Shiiin = Silence, Jiii = Stare, Biku! = Flinch, etc.

[Traditional Japanese Games]
International students enjoyed a variety of traditional Japanese games such as Kendama, Koma, Mamewatashi, Daruma Otoshi and Karuta. They showed their talent in learning the games in a short period of time.

Japanese Calligraphy, DIY Japanese Hand Fun, Traditional Japanese games and Manga/Anime will be introdeced in June.