(Aoyama) 2024 Spring Ambassador Session Week was held





(Aoyama) 2024 Spring Ambassador Session Week was held


From June 4 to 6, over the course of three days, the 2024 Spring Ambassador Session Week took place at the Aoyama Campus. This year, it was held at the newly established International Commons on the first floor of Building No. 7, with many students, including high school students, participating.

On the first day, exchange students from Slovenia, China, and Mongolia, on the second day from Hong Kong and Canada, and on the third day from the United States and France became 'Ambassadors' and introduced their respective countries' cultures, cuisines, histories, and people.
With each country being different, the charms varied, and the exchange students used their own photos and videos to give original and unique presentations.
Participants were able to hear about places we usually can't visit on regular trips and about the lives of people living there, making it feel like a short trip abroad through the Ambassadors.

【What is an Ambassador Session?】
In the Aoyama Gakuin chat room, with the aim of increasing the opportunities for interaction between exchange students and current students, we conduct sessions by exchange students called 'Ambassadors' in addition to the regular chat sessions.

The Ambassador Session is an event where Ambassadors introduce various topics such as their homeland's culture and lifestyle, and interact with students who want to hear about the exchange students' experiences or are interested in studying abroad.