Chat Room Japanese Event in June (Sagamihara)





Chat Room Japanese Event in June (Sagamihara)


At the Sagamihara Campus Chat Room, special events are held as part of the Japanese language sessions for international students.

The event in June was calligraphy, making Japanese fans, and experiencing old-fashioned Japanese games.

1) Calligraphy
A short lecture for the items used was given to first timers, followed by hands on practice of various Kanji characters according to the sample provided. At the end of the event, each student was happy to take home their work.

2) Japanese fans
Students designed their own Japanese fan by drawing on a white fan provided.
Various unique fans with Japanese patterns and Anime characters imprinted were made.

3) Old-fashioned Japanese games
Students challenged games such as Kendama (cup and ball), Koma (spinning top), Daruma-otoshi, and Ton ton sumo (Paper sumo game).
The event was filled with laughter, while the students enjoyed the games almost forgetting the time.

The next event is scheduled to be held in late September.