Class policies for 2021





Class policies for 2021


COVID-19’s huge impact has quickly changed the world, and although vaccines for the virus are being prepared for Japan as well, we still cannot see an end to the fight against it at this point.
For the time being, we must be prepared to coexist with the virus.

In September 2020, Aoyama Gakuin University announced that the school will generally be holding classes in-person for the school year 2021.
Even during this unprecedented situation, the school will be preparing to support all students to be able to proceed with their education on-campus, carrying out the fullest possible protection measures.
Please note that in order to prevent gatherings in large numbers, there may be a need to make some restrictions.

We are announcing our general undergraduate class policies for the school year 2021.
※Announcements for graduate and professional graduate schools will be given later on via student portal.
Please note that the policies may change in accordance with the infection situation. Please be sure to regularly check the student portal and school website for any updates.

■General Class Policies

We intend to have students attend school for classes, holding 70% of the provided class in-person, and 30% on-line. The class style can be seen in the syllabus. We will make an announcement via student portal about when the syllabus will be available.
On-line classes, including those that are partially in-person, will be held for either of the 2 reasons below.
1)If a class on-line is expected to be as or more effective compared to class in-person.
2)If there is a need for students or faculty to evade further risks of infection.
The campus will provide environments to take class online, however students will be required to prepare equipment to be able to take on-line class at home, or at other places outside of school.
Please note that even if classes are required to be held mainly online again, for new students and second-year students in 2021 we will establish a system that gives priority to in-person classes as much as possible.

■Infection prevention measures in classrooms.

Generally, classrooms will be used with a maximum of 80% of the available number of students. Each classroom will have sanitizer available, and constant ventilation provided through the opening of doors and windows, and the use of equipment.
Other specific measures will be taken for open PC rooms and classes held in CALL classrooms.
Students must wear masks, and keep at least 1m distance in between each other when speaking.

■Preparing environments for the use of information equipment.

We will set up and upgrade access points throughout the facilities to provide safe and stable use of Wi-Fi on campus. There will be classrooms available to use the Wi-Fi for self-studying.

■Using school facilities.

The library, open PC room, CALL classroom and other facilities will generally be open, and infection prevention measures will be carried out.
Several classrooms will be opened for students who will take on-line classes in between in-person classes.
This policy will continue even in a situation where restrictions on entering school are strengthened by the infection situation.

■Reasonable accommodation for students in various situations.

The school has been reasonably accommodating those students who were unable to take class in-person, including international students who are unable to enter Japan, and students with a primary illness who may have a greater risk of being infected. In addition to the current measures, we will be taking further measures to prevent infection risks for the year of 2021.

※We will be making announcements on the application methods for those who wish to take classes online due to primary illness. The announcements will be made via UCARO for new students, and via student portal for residing students.