Concerning the 3rd state of emergency .





Concerning the 3rd state of emergency .


Aoyama Gakuin University

Dear students and faculty,

The variants of COVID-19 can be more contagious than the original, and can cause severe damage to health regardless of the age of the infected individual . Currently, these types of infection are increasing rapidly.
Since the increase in infection shows no signs of easing , a 3rd state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo, starting from April 25, 2021.
Taking this into account, the school will be carrying out the measures below until the lifting of the state of emergency.


During the state of emergency, the Aoyama campus will be holding classes mainly online. Classes will begin to shift online after the necessary preparations are carried out.
Detailed information can be found via the student portal.
The Sagamihara campus will continue with the current class style. If there are any notices, or arrangements that need to be announced , the information will be available via the student portal. Please be sure to check the portal page regularly.

■Extracurricular activities

During the state of emergency, all extracurricular activities both official and un-official are prohibited to prevent students from gathering in numbers . Details about this situation will also be given through the student portal.

■The usage of campus facilities in Aoyama campus.

Please refrain from visiting the campus for unnecessary and non-urgent purposes.
However, the library, PC room, CALL classrooms, and other facilities will be available if necessary. The facilities will be opened while carrying out infection prevention measures.
There is a possibility that facilities will require reservations beforehand. Please check each facility’s website for the opening hours and conditions of usage.

Until now, there has been no record of infection transmission occurring within the campus. However, it is a fact that the number of infected school members is increasing. The main mode of transmission is through contact with others, and that includes during mealtimes .
As we have previously requested , please refrain from having meetings that include eating , except with your family or your housemates.
Please refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent travelling.
Please continue to keep a record of your actions so that we may more easily identify persons who have been in close-contact if an infection is discovered.

In order to prevent a worsening of the situation, and protect the health of each student and their family, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

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